video proof of me skiing in France

just a little clip to show/prove that I actually skied in France. Here is Bec and I ‘extremeing’ it up/down the mountains of Montriond. Kickass camera work by fellow extreme snow man Jez! Keep an eye out for my mass airtime!

9 thoughts on “video proof of me skiing in France”

  1. Hi !
    is that place near chamonix ?
    I m looking to go there next winter so I’m already trying to find informations (travel, rentals etc)

  2. Hi Jack, it looks like Chamonix is pretty close to Montriond – google maps says about 71kms

    We skied the mountain ‘Avoriaz’ near Montriond – so awesome

  3. Wow, was that a bullet? No! It was Adam flying by on his ski’s! 😀
    Nice camerawork indeed and it seems to be a lot of fun skiing in France. 🙂

  4. You got hang time on that mad trick jump you pulled at the end. Reminds me of (insert famous skiers name here) in their hayday.


  5. @ jack
    if you need a nice place to stay in chamonix I suggest you go to this wonderful chalet
    beautiful place with amazing view
    @ adam
    indeed it’s not that far if you can fly, but 71kms in the alps is still a pretty long road to drive( may take 2 hours to go from one point to the other, maybe even more)
    avoriaz is indeed an amazingly huge center park !

  6. thx for your help kevin !
    that place looks really nice , should be appropriate for a family trip
    gotta check the price though, it seems a bit expensive
    I’ll get back on ya

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