Video: Planet Kapow 11 : Zacatecas

All righty, I’m back in Mexico City after fantastic & busy week in Hong Kong celebrating Dad & Cheryl’s big wedding!

So, I can see by all the emails & comments on the blog that many people are curious to know what’s going on with the Planet Kapow team and the adventures.

This is it. After 3 months or so the WHOLE team is here.
Erin, Danielle, Lachlan & myself, with part time member Liam currently somewhere down in South America I think.
The slightly polluted air is full of excitement & smiles.

This means that the videos are going to finally get interesting and possibly even a little fun!

We’re a little behind with the videos, possibly by a month, but we’ll catch up soon enough especially with the whole team hear to share the cutting.

This ep is all about Zacatecas, the beautiful silver mining town (i think they still mine there) in the mid north of Mexico.
This is where the fun begins.

If you are ok with seeing horses get lassoed and falling to the ground in slow motion, check this ep out!

Make sure you head over to Planet Kapow & read Lachie’s write up, and leave us a comment! We really want to make these videos watchable!

Hola de Zacatecas!

¡Hola a todos!

En este momento estamos en el pueblo de Zacatecas, en el estado de Zacateco, Mexico. Llegamos aqui ayer.

Tengo que decir, este pueblo es muy hermoso.

Hay muchas edificios viejos, muchas chicas bonitas y gente amable y gracioso.
Anoche conocimos algunas personas, de Alemania, Irlanda y Australia.

Fuimos a el club El Dina dentras de una mina en la montana. Lo estuvó muy interesante, bailé un poco tambien.
¡Me duele la cabeza hoy, pero me encanta este pueblo!