Day 14: Georgetown (Penang Island)

Georgetown is colourful, saturated, friendly, multicultural and fantastic.
I think it’s definitely been one of the more enjoyable places on this journey so far!

Maybe it’s because it’s buzzing with many different people Indian, Muslim, Chinese, Malay, Nepalese and most likely countless others.

So much food! It’s the first real place where the mixture of culture is so outstanding.
We had breakfast at a dim sum place called “Old Winston”.

Due to it’s colonial history as a trading port (East India company days??) Georgetown is UNESCO heritage listed.

“forged from the mercantile and exchanges of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures and three successive European colonial powers for almost 500 years, each with its imprints on the architecture and urban form, technology and monumental art. Both towns show different stages of development and the successive changes over a long span of time and are thus complementary.” –

We spent the day cruising around taking photos, cleaning grease off my bicycle and eating roti, samosa and drinking cold milk tea.
The SD Guesthouse on “Love Lane” was a great place to stay – 25RM for a double. Free wifi too! Cool area in/near Chinatown full of hostels that were once shops/warehouses.

Great city, make sure you check it out if you are ever in Malaysia!

Total KM: 4 milk teas.