VIDEO: Planet Kapow 06 : Puerto Vallarta to San Blas

come watch Lachie & I find out about Mexico’s Day of Independence celebrations in Puerto Vallarta, then head north to San Blas and get eaten alive my mosquitos! Good times.

Photos: Mexico update

¬°Finalmente, estan unos fotos aqui!

It appears that I have been shooting far more video that photos, so there isn’t a terrible a lot going on here.
One thing that I’ve noticed since being in Mexico is the changes in scenery. First desert, then forest, then really hot desert, then jungle, then meadows (riviera feel), then mountains, then swamp land, then really high mountains covered in pine trees, and now canyons (currently in Creel, Chihuahua state)!

We have barely scratched the surface. Mexico es muy grande.