Iran Trip 2009 – video

After nearly a year since visiting Iran I have finally cut together a video.
If you get a chance check it out and then book a ticket to Iran!

Iran Trip 2009 from Adam Teale on Vimeo.

In February 2009 I was fortunate to spend 3 weeks traveling in Iran (a.k.a Persia).

In those 3 weeks I got to explore Rasht, Tehran, Shiraz, Persepolis, Maybod, Yazd and along the way I met by some of the most friendly & welcoming people I have ever met.

Iran thank you very much for this incredible adventure!

Music: Iranian musician by the name of Homay (Saied Jafar-zadeh) –

Iran: Tehran pt2, Rasht & Tabriz

With Yolly off to Turkey and Tobi making his way to India (either “hitchhiking” a container ship from Bandar Abbas or flying from Dubai) it was time for me to start to make my way towards Turkey.

I took the overnight bus from Shiraz to Tehran, checked back into the Mashad Hotel on Amir Kabir street and spent the day checking out the Golestan Palace and the Grand Bazaar.

P1010424_tehran_golestanpalace P1010425_tehran_golestanpalace P1010439_tehran_golestanpalace

The museums in the palace are definitely worth a look – you can either pay per museum (about 4000 rials each) or get a ticket to see them all. I have never seen such a reflective bunch of rooms – so many mirrors! Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take any photos in the main palace part (sorry forgot the name!), but did get some in the other museums.

P1010453_tehran_motorbikeguys P1010457_tehran_grandbazaar P1010458_tehran_grandbazaar

The grand bazaar is indeed grand, couldn’t say if it was on the scale of JJ market in Bangkok, but it could be. I met some guys who owned a carpet shop but wasn’t forced to buy one. I think I might actually have some basic knowledge of person carpets now after the amount I have seen 🙂

P1010462_tehran_masjed P1010468_tehran_masjed

I only spent the night in Tehran and jumped a bus from the east terminal to Rasht. Why Rasht? To go see the Caspian Sea. I had intended to check out the town of Masouleh which I’d heard a lot of good things about but in the end ran out of enthusiasm to get there. I met 2 lads in my hotel who were keen to show me a bit around Rasht and took me to check out the Caspian Sea. We also stopped in at Bandar-e Anzali which would be a great place to spend some time in the summer.
P1010475_rasht_caspiansea_me P1010506_rasht_fish

I was lucky enough to catch up with Tim who I met in Yazd – he’d been exploring a fair amount of the NW of Iran and also managed to get taken in by the police for taken some photos (he said they eventually let him go and it was just a formality!).

After Rasht I bussed it to my last stop in Iran – Tabriz.

Tabriz is cool.

I arrived in Tabriz at about 4:30am and most of the cheap hotels were shut or full so I splashed out and spent 4 times by 50,000 rials/night budget. Money not well spent.
Whilst checking some emails I bumped into Yann the Frenchman who had ridden his $300 mountain bike 18,000+ kms from Singapore to Iran and was continuing on back to France. What a journey!


I ended up meeting 3 great people by the names of Babak, Reza & Amir – Reza runs the cafe net and Babak & Amir are his mates. Pretty much spent my whole time in Tabriz hanging out with these chaps. They took me out the see a bunch of places, got up early to meet me for breakfast at the local breakfast place, and didn’t let me pay for anything! When they make it to Australia one day I said I’d get the bill.

P1010556_tabriz_rezababakamir P1010535_tabriz P1010577_tabriz