Egypt: Cairo – Egyptian Museum

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The Egyptian Museum is fantastic, and would be all the better if I had some idea about Ancient Egyptian history and could read hieroglyphics!
It really is great, and was easy to kill half a day there. You’re not allowed to take photos in there but I snuck a few off with my iPhone. I’m pretty sure no damage was done – especially compared with all the sweaty finger prints people leave behind on all the artifacts.

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I paid the extra pounds (100 i think?) and checked out the Tutankhamun exhibit, and another 100 or so for the mummy rooms. It’s quite a lot extra but I’m happy I paid it. The sarcophagus (at least one of the inner layers) of Tutankhamun’s was very beautiful – such perfect handy work and design. The Ancient Egyptians were very clever to say the least. Some of the other sarcophaguses also really stood out. One in particular belonging to a general (i think) – dark granite (i also think), and the top off a pyramid (perhaps also a dark granite), with very clean precise hieroglyphics on it – perfect work! How did they do it?

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