MyShares app


Spent most of today learning more about NSTableView, memory management and other things Cocoa/Obj-C/xCode.

What came of it?

I made a little app for keeping track of shares – via

Includes an open/save dialog so you can have a ‘portfolio’ to open again at a later time.

ATM I think it only runs in OS X 10.6.

MyShares (347 downloads)

MyShares xcode project (367 downloads)

Learning Obj-C

Yesterday I decided I have to give up on PyObjC for the moment and step into the world of Objective-C.

I have got to a point in developing SubIt that I can’t seem to get enough out of the PyObjC bridge to be able to get what SubIt needs.

So now I am in the process of rewriting SubIt in Obj-C.

Obj-C seems weird and complicated and I can’t see why it has to be this way when Python/Ruby seem just so much much easier to understand. Oh well, I have taken the plunge.

I spent most of yesterday reading a great and easy to follow PDF called “Become An Xcoder“, available for free download:

I have been looking at a bunch of podcasts/videos/books and to me this PDF was the quickest/easiest way to get a little up to speed.