Video : Planet Kapow 14 – Mexico City (DF)

Ready for something huge??????????

Mexico city!

Head on over to Planet Kapow to check out Lachie’s write up & check out episode 14 of Planet Kapow.

Or, because it’s nearly xmas, you can watch ep 14 here, but Lachlan will get upset if you don’t bother to read his article, and also we’d all like to see some of your comments over on the PK website 🙂

Video: Planet Kapow 13 – Guanajuato to Bernal

Hola amigos!

Yes it’s been quite a awhile since we got a Planet Kapow clip out! There’s been weddings, lots of travel and some terrible wifi connections to boot.

Here is ep 13, the video about the city that I have loved the most so far in Mexico.


Head over to Planet Kapow & read Lachie’s write up on Guanajuato & check out the video to see what we got up to:

Egypt: Cairo – Egyptian Museum

IMG_0449 - Version 2

The Egyptian Museum is fantastic, and would be all the better if I had some idea about Ancient Egyptian history and could read hieroglyphics!
It really is great, and was easy to kill half a day there. You’re not allowed to take photos in there but I snuck a few off with my iPhone. I’m pretty sure no damage was done – especially compared with all the sweaty finger prints people leave behind on all the artifacts.

IMG_0444 - Version 2 IMG_0442

I paid the extra pounds (100 i think?) and checked out the Tutankhamun exhibit, and another 100 or so for the mummy rooms. It’s quite a lot extra but I’m happy I paid it. The sarcophagus (at least one of the inner layers) of Tutankhamun’s was very beautiful – such perfect handy work and design. The Ancient Egyptians were very clever to say the least. Some of the other sarcophaguses also really stood out. One in particular belonging to a general (i think) – dark granite (i also think), and the top off a pyramid (perhaps also a dark granite), with very clean precise hieroglyphics on it – perfect work! How did they do it?

IMG_0439 - Version 2 IMG_0435 - Version 2 IMG_0433 - Version 2