Video: Planet Kapow 10 : Posada Barrancas to Durango

Finally ladies & gentlemen, an episode that will make you laugh, cry and want to shoot a wild west film.
We did.

Ep 10 sees us make our way south from Posada Barrancas / Chihuahua down to the beautiful city of Durango where we got to spend many nights listening to many a caballero doing some of their finest work with their prostitutas inside our hotel.

Get Lachlan’s version of the tale as well as the video of ep 10 over at Planet Kapow:

And yes, we shot a western, and it is awesome.

Video: Planet Kapow 08 : Huajumar to Yepachi

Here it is folks, the video about how Lachie & I got led down the forest path in Yepachi, Chihuahua, Mexico.

I really enjoyed reading Lachie’s write up of the 40km hike we ended up injuring, and I am sure you will too!:

We’d really like to know what people are thinking of the videos so if you get a moment please drop us a comment over at Planet Kapow.

Video: Planet Kapow 07 : Tepic to Huajumar

Hola Amigos!

This is it, this is happening.

In this ep we take our mosquito-chomped bodies to the town of Tepic in Nayarit province, Mexico.
The cool air got us back on our feet and so decided to be adventurous and head south to Jala, to check out Volcan Ceboruco (I still struggle to spell and pronounce this place).

Then we treated ourselves to a 15 hour bus adventure north to Ciudad Obregon, killed a few days waiting for a bus, then almost made it to Yepachi (in an attempt to work on a farm).

Check out ep 7 (and Lachie’s intriguing piece [of writing]) over in Planet Kapow land – (warning, this episode is awesome) :

Hola de Zacatecas!

¡Hola a todos!

En este momento estamos en el pueblo de Zacatecas, en el estado de Zacateco, Mexico. Llegamos aqui ayer.

Tengo que decir, este pueblo es muy hermoso.

Hay muchas edificios viejos, muchas chicas bonitas y gente amable y gracioso.
Anoche conocimos algunas personas, de Alemania, Irlanda y Australia.

Fuimos a el club El Dina dentras de una mina en la montana. Lo estuvó muy interesante, bailé un poco tambien.
¡Me duele la cabeza hoy, pero me encanta este pueblo!

VIDEO: Planet Kapow 06 : Puerto Vallarta to San Blas

come watch Lachie & I find out about Mexico’s Day of Independence celebrations in Puerto Vallarta, then head north to San Blas and get eaten alive my mosquitos! Good times.

Photos: Mexico update

¡Finalmente, estan unos fotos aqui!

It appears that I have been shooting far more video that photos, so there isn’t a terrible a lot going on here.
One thing that I’ve noticed since being in Mexico is the changes in scenery. First desert, then forest, then really hot desert, then jungle, then meadows (riviera feel), then mountains, then swamp land, then really high mountains covered in pine trees, and now canyons (currently in Creel, Chihuahua state)!

We have barely scratched the surface. Mexico es muy grande.

An update from Chihuahuahuahuahua, Mexico

What an interesting few days…

After buggering around in Ciudad Obregon for 2-3 days, we finally got on a bus to Yepachi thinking we would end up on the farm later that day.

The journey was only around 200km I think, but it still took 8 hours.

And… we missed the stop and ended up an hour past Yepachi.

So we had to spend the night in that little town and got the first (and only) bus the next day to Yepachi.

We arrived in Yepachi around 12pm, then spent the next 7 hours walking to the farm – no one was there to pick us up and we had no luck finding a lift.

That ended up being 15miles or so! Yes, we are awesome.

We finally made it to the farm only to be defeated by a river – we were100m from the house, but no one was home and the big river was too hard for us to pass at 7.30pm.

We walked back up a hill and slept under the stars for 4 hours. I only had a tshirt and shorts on and Lachy had a jacket.

At midnight we decided to walk back to town, a pretty amazing feat considering that by the time we did arrive back it had been 24 hours since we’d last eaten.

Oh yeah, we are just that awesome that we only took 1L of water with us, so ended up having to drink the muddy water that was running off the mountains (filtered with our tshirts).

Oh yeah, it was raining a lot.
Oh yeah, it was quite hilly.
Oh yeah, we had to wade through streams.
Oh yeah, we were charged at by bulls.
Oh yeah, we are pretty fucking awesome we have decided.
Oh yeah… we had to spoon.

To finish off the fun little adventure we ended up gettign a ride back to town, in the back of a truck that had been carrying cow manure.
And then… we were asked if we wanted to buy dope from a bunch of dudes wearing bullet proof vests… carrying machine guns (they were nice folks though).

We decided that fate had really been trying to tell us something for the whole duration of this expedition, so we took a bus for 6-7 hours to the city of Chihuahua and crashed out – the most exhausted we had both been in a very long time.

In the end it looks like we walked around 35-40km based on the tracks I had going on my iPhone GPS.

Mosquito bites are gone, but now we are just rooted.


So very happy to be back in civilisation ,sipping a beer, and using a half decent internet connection.

It is good to eat food again.