Taking the quick Rhodes

9am, Saturday 31st January, 2009.
Sitting in seat c56 (I think) on a boat headed to … well I’m not exactly sure 🙂 .

I arrived in Rhodes from Hiraklio, Crete about 4 hours ago, spent 3 hours in the reception at Lydia Hotel, google told me that what I thought was a 7th wonder of the world (and had come to Rhodes to see) WOULD HAVE been if it still was standing.

Leaving Crete 1

So I figured that seeing as I am bleeding €uro here so quickly I’d better get out of Europe asap!
I’d been hitting up google a lot for info on boats to Bodrum and Marmaris but this time of year they are not so frequent apparently – I think the next one was in a few days and cost €50+

Rhodes sunrise

I’d had enough of Lydia’s reception so decided to grab a coffee and go walk along the harbour. To my surprise I walked past a boat that was leaving in 30 minutes, to Turkey! €29 later here I am headed to Symi for a few hours wait then to some place beginning with “D” that is hopefully in Turkey and not too far from Bodrum.


Cool this boat seems speedy. iPhone says 60km/h!

UPDATE #1: the LP book says I might be going to Datca – bottom left of Turkey. Hopefully can get a bus from the to Bodrum.

UPDATE #2: made it to Symi – looks to be a cool place, houses filling the cliff-like shoreline. Got my passport stamped and it’s only a 30 mins to Datca. There’s a town near Datca that might have a ferry to Bodrum

UPDATE #3: Woah what a mission! After the ferry to Datca (looked l?ke a very pretty l?ttle town on the coast) I got a bus to Marmaris and then a bus to Bodrum. So here I am living it large in what is probably a mega partyopolous in the summer.

Marmaris to Bodrum

Photos: Crete, Greece (Rethymnon to be exact)

Got to Crete today in a town called Chania (prnounced “ha-knee-ah”) at about 5.30am. Spent 30mins or so hunting for WIFI to lookup hostels – turned out there weren’t any hostels there, so I jumpeda bus with the last ShlaapLekker, Sam, to the next big town Rethymnon. €9 a night at Hostel Rethymnon is not so bad.
Farmers are blocking roads here and not much is open for the traveller due to it being the low-season. Still though it’s cool being here.
Ferry to Rhodes is friday, as long as I can get past the farmers.

more pics

Olympia, Greece

We left Delphi on a bus to Itea, the ShlaapLekker crew jumped in the ocean for a quick dip, then a bus to Nafpaktos, ate a gyros (€1.5), bus to a ferry (free), then arrived at Patras for a sleep(€12).

Next day we left Dan (we were all very sad and cried most of the way) to wait for a ferry to Italy and we headed off on a bus to Pyrgos. Finally we took a 30 min bus ride to …. OLYMPIA! Home of the Olympics. It was a little rainy but still amazing!

Here are some pics:
IMG_0298 IMG_0308

More pics are in my Greece 2009 album.

Check your Turkey

Haha that is hilarious…
I handed over my 110 lira for a Istanbul to Athens fare, only to cross the border and be told “this ticket is for simple train only, today no simple train. You must pay €26 for intercity train to Athens.”
Yeah as I said, hilarious.
So here we are getting a train to Alexanderopopopoplous to get some euro and get the intercity train. The alternative was to pay €6.50 to Thessaloniki and cough up €17+ for a nights accomodation.
Also a funny moment – Dan took a photo of the Greek border crossing as we passed in the train. When we got to the Greek passport control Dab was asked if he’d taken a photo of the border. He was politely asked the delete the photo after the border army had phoned trough to the Pythion trainstation and reported it!
IMG_0214 - Version 2