I’m pleased to announce that fcpximageexporter is now available on the Mac App Store!

Over the last year or so quite a few people contacting me asking for support for fcpxml v1.7.
I took the opportunity to rewrite the app in Swift and add some more funcionality such as custom export resolutions. The next major release should include the ability to export a simple html page of the exported clips.

More info:

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fcpxImageExporter and my 5 minutes of coding fame

A little while ago at Orangutan we had a client ask us to export several hundred frames from a 1 hour video we had produced for them.

We worked in fcpx and manually exporting frames can be quite a task.

So I spent a late afternoon putting together a little app to read fcpxml and use it to export still images based on the markers we had put in the timeline.

I polished it a little more and shared it on the fcp.co forums and over the week the little app had been downloaded over 700 times.

It even got a nice review from Larry Jordan and several retweets from other fcpx pros like Richard Taylor and sites like premiumbeat.com. 

fcpxImageExporter is available over at Orangutan.