Dali, Yunnan = Get your thermals on

It’s really really cold, but it isn’t really that cold – it’s 2 dec C.
But coming from 18+ months living in Thailand this is very cold.

Yesterday morning we arrived in Dali, Yunnan, after a 17 hour or so bus trip from Jinghong. The bus was pretty good – it was a sleeper bus – something i hadn’t ever seen before. Bunk beds in 3 rows up the bus. Long enough for your average Chinese bloke to stretch out in. Despite all the piss stops, spitting, smoking and overall smell of death the bus was a good way to get around. Hopefully we haven’t contracted TB or something just as cool.

We are staying in the ‘old city’ Dali – it backs onto a massive mountain (i think it’s called Cangshan /Malong). Seemingly “authentic”. The 3 of us were a little knackered yesterday after the bus trip so we didn’t get up to very much. I think we are going to hire some bikes today.