Armoured police just down the road

Armoured police just down the road

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Today I was on my way to the Sofia archaelogical museum and passed
possibly hundreds of armoured police. Didn’t think much of it, but by
the looks of the local news some serious shot went down. I asked a
lady in my hostel and she replied "yes, fighting". Better ask google.

*UPDATE – BBC website says that the local people r protesting because they are sick of the corruption in Bulgaria and being the poorest country in the EU. They want the current government kicked out.

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little update to 2009 – from Bulgaria

#here’s a post of waffle.

It seems 2009 is off to a interesting start. The year began in Hong Kong after a big night out with my good mates there and then I jumped a plane bound for Bulgaria (with a 12 hour transit in Istanbul = boring). I wish i could have stowed by hangover under the plane.

What an amazing/interesting experience this has been so far. Catching up with mates, taking my level of skiing skill to the Xtreme in Bansko, losing my brand new LX3 camera (after only owning it 48hours), losing my cool beanie from Thailand (i loved that beanie), my macbook pro’s screen decided to stop working (and ive yet to find a solution or an apple store to help me), seeing some of Bulgaria, and meeting a lovely girl who looks good in a ski suit. Rock on 2009 u unpredictable year.

So here I am in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, after a cool train ride from Bansko, wondering what’s next.
Current plan:
Hang here for a day with Bec, Jez, Alex & Lisa then head back to Sofia, then shoot towards Greece. Why Greece? Well i just hope it will be a little warmer really. Unfortunately its off season so i don’t think ill get much work at a bar somewhere, but will see. I had some intentions of getting involved in some organic farming somewhere but i think i’m going to put that off for a while. I’m going to wander.

So Greece then maybe down to Libya (no idea about visas etc..) and work my way along northern Africa to Spain.

Big vague loose alterable plan.

(If i can get my mac fixed and work out what to do about a new camera I would like to promise there will be some far more interesting blog posts ahead. )