Day 12: Pantai Cenang (Cenang Beach), Langkawi Island

Day 12 began with an attempt to ride from Kuah over to Pantai Cenang (a.k.a Cenang Beach).
I think I must have got up out of the wrong side of bed today, or maybe the humidity is just annoying.
An attempt to ride over in the morning just ended up being hot and frustrating, with the tray on the back of my bike finally giving way – the single bracket that joins the frame to the bar under the seat snapped!

Grabbed some breakfast at a local place for about 14RM (2 people inc. 2 milk teas) and I asked the gentleman who served us if he knew where i could get my bike fixed. He got his son to take us up the street and show us the place!



2RM later I was back on the road thanks to the helpful guys at the local scooter/bike repair shop.




The middle of the day was pretty hot and humid so just killed that off catching up on web based cool stuff and then hot back on our bikes around 4pm – was a little cooler.


The ride over to Pantai Cenang must be about 20km or so maximum. It’s a really nice ride, a bit hilly but we were able to gun through it a bit without the weight of our bags to hold us back.
Good fun on the downhills




We got to Pantai Cenang after about 45 minutes just as the sun was starting to head home.
It’s a pretty spectacular view here and a nice beach too. The sun continued to set and created one of those amazing ‘matte-painting’ style vistas that looked kinda fake. 🙂

It’s nice here, but maybe the kind of nice that you use when you talk about someone who is nice. Not cool. Not crazy. Not unbelievable. Just nice, & clean.
Nice place, but i’ve got no problem staying in Kuah for 40RM/night at the Hotel Asia.












Leaving Pantai Cenang guess what happened?
It was inevitable, funny we made it the whole was through Thailand without any troubles!
Fixed the tyre and rode back in the dark covered in grease – munching on millions of mosquitos on the way.



Total KM: 40?

Day 07: Than Phannara to Nakhon Sri Thammarat

Left the ‘love shack’ at Than Phannara around 7am an headed down highway 41, but then took a left down highway 4195 towards the mountains and then onto highway 4015 – towards Nakhon Sri Thammarat!


Was a great morning through this area, great jungle/forest around, lots of little villages to pass through, some big mountains with clouds floating past, very green.





We crossed through the Nakhon Sri Thammarat mountains after a fairly decent accent – Nicholas managed to beat it, my lack of gears got the better of me and had to walk it. Errrrr.


But the ride down the hill was cool – pretty steep and no traffic. My iPhone says i got my bike up to 92.1 km/h!


The rest of the ride into Nakhon Sri Thammarat was nice and flat, but HOT.



Total km: 78 km
Max Speed: 92.1 km/h

Day 06: Phunphin to Than Phannara

Phunpin is a great . Little town in Surathani province. The train station where most tourists come to to make their way to get the bust to the ferries to Koh Samui.


Kind of a nothing day, highway riding and very hot. After yesterday’s ride I am feeling pretty stuffed!


Stopped at a roadside hotel, a.k.a a “mahn rooht” hotel (sliding curtain), the kind where folks go to shag their neighbours/others.




very sore hands!
very sore hands!


Total km: 62 km

Max Speed: 41.3 km/h

Day 04: Ban Boet to Chumpon

6.30am left Ban Boet. Road solidly for an hour along the coastline and then went inland, picked up some sticky rice and carved our way through the jungle to Don Yang.
Riding along the coast before sunrise is a great way to start the day.

It’s really is beautiful out here, people doing their thing on their farms or stores, everyone seems pretty happy.

Everyone since Bangkok has assumed Nicholas to be a farang (foreigner). I think it’s driving him a little crazy and giving him a identity disorder. I was riding next to him today and he was talking in some weird germanic language. Yeah, he’s losing it.

It’s a lot more hilly down here, more pain.

Nicholas nearly got bitten by a snake, but i think he really just ran over a stick. But he is sure is was a snake. He says it was a little horrifying.

Had a great lunch up in the hills in between Pathiu and Chumpon – “Laht Nah” – something along the lines of noodles in sticky sauce. Passed out for half an hour and then hit the road again.
Strange though, within 30 minutes I was starving again and got that wobbly no energy feeling. Had to get a quick cola/sugar/biscuit fix then slowly came back to life.

15km or so we made it into Chumpon.

My legs are lead

We’ve been getting a bunch more video so hopefully we’ll be able to cut something together at the end of the trip. Perhaps what we lack in charisma we’ll have made up in kilometres.

total km today: 86km

Day 02: Cha-am – Prachuab Khiri Khun

(combined from day 01’s ride)

It’s been a hard 2 days of riding, but i think we are starting to get rhythm.

Left the primo residence of Nick’s Aunty’s place at 5am, bag of left overs in hand.

The morning was interesting.

As we road the 15km to Hua Hin, the morning light started to pierce through the sky, and revealed some bad ass looking clouds in the sky. The big wet season “stay inside or die” type clouds.
Eating our left over dinner outside 711 we decided to throw precaution to the wind and roll on down the road.

Well it rained. And we kept on riding. Yep it was really not the big issue that folks had been warning us of.
It was actually a lot more comfortable than yesterday’s heat & wind.
Nick was worried about picking up a cold being out in the rain but i told him he was a pussy and we kept on riding. As we pedaled on and the rain kept on coming down, and I rethought Nick’s idea about getting sick. I agreed momentarily with him and stopped by to pick up some supplies from the cute girl working the chemist in Kuiburi. Ahhh she was beautiful.

After overpaying for lunch we left Kuiburi for the last few hours to Prachuab Khiri Khun.
Not as much excitement here as was in Kuiburi but we did meet our first slightly imposing hill.
To most riding folks it probably isn’t even considered an incline. But, it was raining, windy, a dog chased me 100m up the hill, and i was pretty tired.

We cruised in Prachuab Khiri Khun – cool little town by the sea – Small, interesting, next to the sea, crap french fries, awesome nam dofu.

Nopporn hotel – 400baht – free wifi, great rooms, clean and friendly

Before my iPhone’s battery died, MotionXGPS’s recording said we rode 130km or so.
I have to say, a good night’s sleep really really helps!

Dude, Where’s my Jakkayarn?

In less than a week 2 average dudes will head off from Bangkok, via Malaysia, to Singapore, by bicycle.

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Follow our journey!


We are currently trying to attach our blog to a charity – would be great to raise some money for a good cause somewhere in SE Asia.

Ride: Bangkok to Singapore

And now for something a bit random.
I had an idea when I was in Jordan – to buy a cheap bicycle and ride from Bangkok to Singapore.
Why not hey?
Well probably because it will be extremely ho, raining, humid and all together unpleasant.
But, if i can manage to do it, what an adventure.
Apparently as ‘the crow flies” the distance is about 1500km.

So, with the help of my mate Boat, I bought a bike yesterday!


Apparently it’s a ‘Bridgestone’. 60cm frame – the biggest we could find in Thailand. It’s a little bit small still but I think I can pick up some new parts to make it a bit more of a giant’s ride.

Here’s a track from Saturday’s ride : Ekamai-Siam-Banglamphu-ThongLo

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