Ride: Bangkok to Singapore

And now for something a bit random.
I had an idea when I was in Jordan – to buy a cheap bicycle and ride from Bangkok to Singapore.
Why not hey?
Well probably because it will be extremely ho, raining, humid and all together unpleasant.
But, if i can manage to do it, what an adventure.
Apparently as ‘the crow flies” the distance is about 1500km.

So, with the help of my mate Boat, I bought a bike yesterday!


Apparently it’s a ‘Bridgestone’. 60cm frame – the biggest we could find in Thailand. It’s a little bit small still but I think I can pick up some new parts to make it a bit more of a giant’s ride.

Here’s a track from Saturday’s ride : Ekamai-Siam-Banglamphu-ThongLo

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photos: People’s Alliance for Democracy – Bangkok, Thailand

Went down to the protests at Parliament House to see what it was all about.
Lots of friendly folks keen to explain to me the situation and shake my hand. 
With all the bands playing and people eating it kind of felt like a music festival!