Syria: Damascus – a visit to the Iraqi refugee camp “Jaramana”

Due to an extreme case of self-diagnosed slackness I haven’t been hitting the streets taking too many pictures of what Damascus could possibly be like. Oh yes I’ve been in Damascus, the capital of Syria, for the past few days πŸ™‚

(photo courtesy of

The other reason I blame my lack in getting some post/photos up is that I have a bit of a project going with my mate Anobel. No it’s not a helmut that looks like an afro, but a project Anobel is doing as part of his research project for his minor in Medical Humanities back in San Fran.

I arrived in Damascus and got in touch with Anobel and he seemed keen to get the ball rolling on some ideas we’d discussed back in Aleppo. The next day, thanks to GPS on my iPhone (Giant Party System – not the Global Position System that is illegal in Syria of course), I found myself in Jaramanah – a camp for Assyrian & Iraqi refugees. It has been a very eye opening experience so far and I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with Anobel on his project.

We shot a few interviews in a local clinic and people’s tiny flats as best we could with Anobel’s Canon 5d mk2 my my little Panasonic Lumix LX3. The mixture of formats, frame rates and available hardware has led me to converting all the video to Apple ProRes @ 720p30 – I figured he might eventually need to present his stuff on some sort of ntsc flavoured gear – and also the 30p stuff didn’t look so great converted down to 24p.

So here we are, in a little cafe in the Old City, smoking sheisha/hooka/hubblebubble etc.. and reviewing today’s clips.

Make sure to check out Anobel’s great blog & photography –

Stay tuned…

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