4 thoughts on “Ping Pong Kapow – episode 1”

  1. What an awesome video! I love the road-trip feeling, and with all the small glimpses it’s so interesting to watch! Great work Adam!

    With what camera did you shoot the movie, the (Waah!)HD one?

    Can’t wait for episode 2! 🙂

  2. @Bart – cheers dude! Yeah we are busily cutting away at the 2nd and even 3rd eps 🙂 Really we are just lazy and have been doing minimal everything!

    The track is called ‘do ter tum”by a guy from Krabbi province called “Job””or “Job 2 do”.

  3. Seems it’s going to be a search in the more special music stores I think, haha. Then I can try it on the iPod Nano that I just bought. 😛 Yes, just wait a while and I even might buy a Mac, heheh. 😉

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