Meeting Ron Brinkmann

A few days ago I got asked if I’d like to go to a presentation by “the guy who created Shake”.
I immediately said “Ron Brinkmann?!!”
“No, that doesn’t sound like the name” I was told.

I was curious who this could be, and also curious why “the creator of shake” would be spending an afternoon in Bangkok.

Anyway, yesterday I headed off to the Siam tower with the vfx team to the presentation.


Well, it did turn out to be Ron Brinkmann and he was on a whirlwind tour of some asian cities (i think it was bangkok, Taipei, Shanghei, Seoul and some other places) doing a bit of a promo of Nuke and explaining the concepts of Compositing (now that he left Apple a few months ago i think he said).


He spoke for about 3-4 hours and demo’d some of the concepts from his earlier book “The art & science of digital compositing” and some the ideas he is gonig to include in his v2.0 release of his book 🙂 .

He was a very nice guy and I think everyone who attended was pretty absorbed with what he was talking about.
Thanks a lot Ron!

Unfortunately he wouldnt reveal anything about where Apple is going to take Shake, but he said the future for Nuke looks great and they are going to make it a lot more user gui friendly – not more like shake, but more like shake 🙂



Also, just when I thought I’d had a VFX overload for the week, I went to see Michael Bay’s “Transformers” – vfx were amazing!!! But they just couldn’t seem to keep the camera still. Such wicked looking robots but most of the action scenes were a big smear of motion blur. Maybe i need to see it again.

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