Dutch lunch

What is a Frikandel?

A frikandel (plural frikandellen) is a Dutch snack, a sort of minced-meat hot dog. It is a long, skinless, dark-coloured sausage that is eaten warm. Unlike other sausages, a frikandel is deep-fried. Sometimes it is served on a piece of bread, and is called a broodje frikandel. In some areas in Belgium, such as Antwerp and Flemish Brabant provinces it is often referred to as a curryworst (curry sausage)

def: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frikandel

Yesterday I met up with Bart, Eva & Partrick for a dutch lunch. The sausage is called a Frikandel. I tried some croquette balls too – tasty fatty nasty stuff! Delicious!

Unfortunately i left my camera at home but Bart might have some images up on his & Patrick’s blog – http://bapahoko.blogspot.com/

Last night the 4 of us went for some hot pot action with Wallis and Dennis

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