Day 09: Nakhon Si Thammarat to Singhanakon

It’s funny, we keep making the same sort of mistake. Riding all day just to the end of the afternoon and then reach the destination only to find that place doesn’t have a cheapo hotel or ‘love shack’ to sleep in, so we must ride on to the next town.

But it’s cool, we haven’t had to crash out by the side of the road yet.

Terrific day of pedalling, got quite a fair distance covered. I think around 165km or so. The rest yesterday seems to have paid off and perhaps we are slowly getting used to riding. I say we, but I really mean me. I think Nicholas could do 200km a day easily.

Cows. Lots of cows. Lots of baby cows. Lots of different cows. Pretty much since Cha-am we’ve been riding past so many cows. Down this part of Thailand people seem to really love their cows and treat them like family.

We met some Police outside Hua Sai who were doing routine checks on passing vehicles – apparently there is a big ASEAN conference happening in Phuket. The Police were great, told us not to worry about any danger where we are going – just don’t go to the 3 provinces in the south east. They filled us up on water, coffee and redbull – cheers guys!

Something I haven’t seen in Thailand before – Wind Turbines!

The middle of the day was pretty hot, at least 35C i think. The riding was comfortable but with the ocean so close to the road it would have been a waste not to jump in. We ended up going for a swim at a beach that was part of a Wat.

We’ve done nearly 1000km so far and the bikes are making noises that need some attention. A local bike shop owner was kind enough to lube the chains on a bikes, for free. Made a huge differece, now we are back to being in stealth mode.

We stopped by Maharat Beach but it didn’t seem to have any place to stay so we rode on to Muang Ngam. This place is meant to be pretty well known, but it doesn’t really show it.
We got a bite to eat at a small store near the sea and realised the whole place was buzzing with thousands of flies! The restaurant owner packed us up with a large fan to try blow the flies away but they were just to strong and ended up eating most of Nick’s lunch.

20km or so later we found a ‘love shack’ style place at Singhanakon for 200baht – ended up being a reasonable place after a few beers.

Total km: 165+ km

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  1. Very very cool guys.. I really like the stories and the pics (except may be the half-naked nicholas at the end there. I hope that was not taken at the loveshack)! Say hi to all the cows for me..

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