Day 08: chllin in Nakhon Si Thammarat

Aghh the pain, the pain!

Well not really, but we definitely needed a day to do as little as possible.

Nakhon Si is a cool town, the folks are really friendly and make you feel very welcome with all the smiles going back and forth. The town looks great in the afternoon as the sun sets and silhouettes the mountains to the east.

Nick said that as you get further south from Bangkok the Thai accent changes a fair amount, and people speak faster and with less words. The joke is that Southerners can have a conversation from 2 passing trains.

Nick was after some roti and curry for lunch so we ventured out of the Thai Hotel for a hunt. Turns out the roti and curries begin to be sold late in the afternoon after 6pm or so.

Stuck in the heat with not a whole lot of brain power between the 2 of us we ducked into “the Ocean” shopping mall and got a box of donuts.

Night rolled around and it was time for roti.

Yes, all we do is eat it seems.

I had a great massage yesterday and a decent sleep so I think I’ll be fresh for the ride south to Hua Sai tomorrow. Possibly the best massage I have ever had, and for 200 baht for 2 hours!

Total km: 0

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