Day 05: Chumpon to Phunphin

What a day!

We left Chumpon about 6.30am and got back onto the highway and spent the rest of the day riding – for 186km!
MotionX GPS app on my iPhone says e were riding for over 9 hours straight, averaging 21 km/h.
Highways are definitely easier riding than the ‘shortcuts’.
I am very surprised. I guess the 300baht massage yesterday and a reasonably long sleep really paid off!
Not much to really say about yesterday except that we aimed to get to a town called Chaya and spend the night there, but we just kept of riding.

We figured we’d find a place to crash for the night in a town called Ta Chang, unfortunately there was no where to stay when we got there!

So 25km or so into the night we made it to Phun Pin – a town close to Surathani town.
Nicholas just reminded me to put down that we saw a lot of dead dogs and snakes along the side of the road.

Staying at the only hotel in town: Queen Hotel just near the train station – not bad, room with 2 large single beds and a fan/shower/toilet – 260baht



Total km: 186km

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  1. You guys are starting to look a little like starving Sudanese refugees who are sponsored by Gatorade. EAT SOMETHING! and Adam, in one of those photos you look like you’re about to lead a commando force on a dawn raid of Surat Thani, which is funny. But keep riding! This bike trek is awesome, and has everybody talking, and we can’t wait to see the videos. Wish your journey with safety!

  2. Adam you’re taking these comments way to serious, come on, put up a smile when you’re behind your laptop. 😉

    Getting a nice suntan though. 🙂 Keep up it up, 180 KM is AMAZING! Don’t forget to stretch though, you might be seriously damaging your joints otherwise…

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