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    5 thoughts on “Contact”

    1. I purchased it,But output resolution did not did not custom image, it did not export sequence resolution.Please update app.thank you for developing great app!

    2. Hi,

      I just bought fcpxImageExporter 2.2.1 via the apple store
      I have MacOs Mojave and fcp 10.4.6

      But , when I export the xml file (and allot of stuff is realy in there when I go to with textwrangler) , then fcpxImageExporter gives this
      Staus: 0 markers were found in the fcpxml file nothing to export

      so it doesn’t work .
      what is wrong ?

      please help

    3. Just got the app. running MacPro 2013 maxed out, 10.14.5 macOS, FCPX vers. 10.4.6.
      I can populate the FCPXML window and the output folder and choose other options, but when I hit Export it does a hard crash! Poof! Gone.

    4. Hi Adam,

      I’ve just bought FcpxImageExporter throw the App store,

      trying to export a lot of stills from a feature film I’ve edited. broke apart all the nested/compound clips and deleted all the effects, still, from a lot of markers I placed its exporting just 5 images. what can be the problem? Thanks

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