Bob Brozman clip – “Minnie the moocher” – Toulouse france 2007

I downloaded this clip of Bob playing Cab Calloway’s song “Minnie the Moocher” in Toulouse France. I’ve seen Bob live playing this a few times, but in this clip he’s beyond brilliant!


I have been trying to play Bob’s version of “Down the Road”, slowly making a bit of progress, but Bob’s rhythm is amazing. Check out this clip of Bob:


Youtube: Bob Brozman & Friends: Ultimate International Blues Jam

This clip is awesome, Bob is on fire

Rare footage of incredible world blues artists Bob Brozman, Takashi Hirayasu (Okinawa, Japan), and Djeli Moussa Diawara (Guinea, West Africa) performing “African Blues” live in concert in Paris, France on May 9, 2000. Shot by: Paul Fisher; used with permission / all rights granted. This footage epitomizes the world blues music style that Bob Brozman has pioneered with internationally esteemed artists. Takashi Hirayasu plays the Sanshin. Djeli Moussa Diawara plays the Kora. Bob plays a National Reso-Phonic Tricone guitar. This concert was held in promotion of Bob and Djeli’s release “Ocean Blues” and Bob and Takashi’s release “Jin Jin.”

Hailer – “All I wanted was you”

Lisa just let me know that she has finished her most recent project. She directed/shot/edited a music video clip for sydney band Hailer for their track “All I wanted was you”.

It was all produced at HD (shot on HDV) – so I think she is going to make some high res versions availble soon.

For the time being, here it is on youtube:

Check them out on myspace too:

Top job guys!