Planet Kapow 33 : La Fortuna to Panama City

The end of our central america chapter. In Ep 33 we cut through Costa Rica with blistering speed and hit Panama to explore Bocas del Toro and say our farewells to the wonderful part of the world.

Come see what we got up to and have a read of Lachie’s great writeup:


Wow…362 days on the road!







Planet Kapow 32 : Masaya to San Juan del Sur

Here it is, just what you have been waiting for.


The episode in which Lachlan & I learn to surf!!!!!

And we also meet some lovely folks – Bec, Max & Rob – and go check out a natural spring and other rad stuff on the island of Ometepe.

Lachie has a great right up which you must head on over and have a read of – and also watch the ep!



And a big congratulations to Bec & Max for their recent engagement!!!


Planet Kapow 31 : Granada to Corn Islands

¡Buenos dias amigos!

I’ve had some issues with my website for a few weeks now but it looks to be back to normal and just in time to let you folks know that the latest episode of Planet Kapow is now online.

In this ep we travel from beautiful Granada (Nicaragua) and check out Volcán Mombacho – no lava yet again but beautiful flora and fauna (including a baby deer), then we shoot to Managua (probably the least coolest city on the trip up to this point), then take a day and a half on buses & boats passing through El Rama and Bluefields to eventually arrive on Big Corn Island (a nice little slice of paradise).

As usual head on over to Planet Kapow, read Lachie’s article, and check out all that is episode 31 – “Granada to Corn Islands”:


Planet Kapow 29 : Utila to the Bottom of the Sea

Up until we got to Utila (Honduras) I can easily say that I had never had any interests in scuba diving.
Never ever.
I’d tried snorkeling a bunch of times, and couldn’t really see why everyone had been so excited about checking out fish.

Well things have changed.

We spent 3 days at Underwater Vision in Utila doing the PADI Open Water diving certification and had an absolute blast.

Diving is really amazing.

This episode of Planet Kapow is pretty cool – Lachlan went nuts with Dan’s underwater camera, so you can get an idea of what we saw down there.

Nominations for Australian Cultural Ambassador of the year 2011

(Warning: contains attempts at describing graphic “Adult” situations).

What a funny morning it has been.

I woke up at 5am to a young Australian girl and a british guy clambering their way, off their faces, into our dorm room. 
Once they finally climbed into the chick’s bunk, it was on!
She’s whispering some dirty lines to him. Their coked up noses are sniffling heavily, she’s coughing up a lung after too many cigarettes. 
Her breathing starts getting really heavy, the guy is grunting away too.

I really want to make a dash for the door, but it’s 5am and really want the rest of the sleep I paid for. “Perhaps they won’t take too long” I tell myself.
Maybe I should walk up to the bunk and ask “how much time do you guys reckon you’ll need?”

Their sucking at each others faces, the sound of 2 pieces of meat slapping together comes to mind.
“Fuck me” she’s whispers, very Australianly.
From the sound of it out pops a franger, the guy desperately tries to get it on but it ricochets across the dorm.
He rips out another one and doesn’t make the same mistake again, and they’re off banging away.

After about ten minutes she says “what’s goin’ on, ya gonna cum?!”
“ahh sorry, must be all the blow and alcohol”
“fuck… fuck. Ahh, don’t worry, it’s ok.”
“but I want to make you cum”
“nah…you won’t be able to”
“fuck. It’s ok” she says.

A minute of silence.
Then it’s on again!
And guess what?! The same again! The guy can’t shoot!
Each time the girl grows more & more frustrated.

I’m quite awake now and am getting the idea that I am going to have to go find a beanbag in the TV room if I am going to get any more sleep.
The room is pitch black and I can’t tell if Danielle or Phil are awake, but I can only assume that Phil is, seeing as he is in the bottom bed of the sex bunk, and Dan is in the next bunk along.

After the 5th round of this they’re both a bit buggered and she’s thirsty, reaches for a bottle of water and knocks it onto the floor, the wooden floor bang like a snare drum.

She attempts to climb off the guy and the bunk bed but slips and plummets to the ground. A little dazzled she disappears out the door to the dunny.
A few minutes later she’s back. Then the guy ducks off to the loo, also missing the edge of the bed and plummets to the floor like a sack of used frangers.
He’s back after a few minutes, climbs the bunk, mounts the girl, bunk starts shaking again, a few moans, franger out, more groans, and guess what? The guy can’t shoot!
Girl is very very pissed off.
I pick my moment to slide out of the room, and so does Danielle and Phil.

We’re outside very tired and having a laugh when a different Australian girl, Stacey, comes outside. She asks if we had all left the dorm because of all the racket, of course we say yes.
She reassures us “It wasn’t moi, it wuz me moit Chantelle”, and then ducks back inside.

I forgot my iPhone so went back in to the dark of the dorm, found it, and on the way out I pass a groaning bed and out pops Stacey’s head!

That night after a big day out exploring Bogota we head back to our hostel. When we enter our dorm we are greeted by the sounds of our two fine Australian cultural ambassadors, Stacey & Chantelle, making lots of noise but not saying much.
“Didja get much sloip? AHH aaaaahhhh haha ahhhhhh” laughs Stacey like a chainsaw.
“No, not at all” We say.
“She’s real sorry” Stacey
“Yeah – sorry for me – but not for you guys. Its a shame for me” Chantelle

Planet Kapow 28 : Copan Ruinas to La Ceiba

After a short poke around El Salvador we headed north to Honduras.
All I new about Honduras was from the stories & photos of my mate Alex who years ago had spent months up on the island of Roatan, and they were some great photos and images.
We crossed the border at Ocotepeque and luckily scored a ride in the back of a nice family’s truck. Then a sprint up the main drag of Ocotepeque got us on the last bus north to Santa Rosa de Copan.
The countryside the whole way up was beautiful and seemed a lot more mountainous than what we had seen in El Salvador.
We spent a night in Santa Rosa de Copan and immediately got a good impression from the place.
The next morning we bused it north to La Entrada then back down south to Copan, to check out the ruins, find some hot water, then after a few days we headed north again up to La Ceiba for some white water rafting on the river Cangrejal.

Come read Lachlan’s retelling of our first Honduran adventure, check out some impressive Mayan engravings in Copan and then extreme it down the river.

Yes, this is Planet Kapow episode 28!

Planet Kapow 27 : Antigua to San Salvador

¿Donde esta la lava?!!!!

Yes, I was somewhat shattered to once again not get to see lava. But “thems the breaks” as they say. But I can’t complain, the view on top of Volcán Pacaya and the surrounding areas was incredible to say the least. It had just rained (actually whilst we were climbing), which meant the water turned to steam and made the whole scene very dramatic. To demonstrate how hot it was up there, our guide had brought a branch of a tree and held it above one of the volcano’s vents. Within in no time it caught on fire and I was chuffed.

But I am fibbing somewhat. A night or two before we were sitting on top of our hotel, having a beer and soaking up the nighttime atmosphere of Antigua, and something in the distance (in the direction of Volcán Fuego) caught my eye. IT WAS LAVA! Even though I think we were 10km or so away, this amazing lava stuff was shooting into the sky and then rolling/dribbling down the edge of the volcano and slowly fading into the darkness. If only we were half the distance away. But it was still incredible.

Whilst Erin was making her journey back to Mexico to collect a replacement/temporary passport (after getting robbed in Lake Atitlan), Danielle, Lachlan & I crossed over to El Salvador.
Lachlan has a great piece of what we go up to there. Head on over the Planet Kapow to have a read and check out the latest video that is Planet Kapow 27 : Antigua to San Salvador.

Planet Kapow 26 : Nebaj to Lago de Atitlan

This episode we get off our asses and do some hiking in the mountains around Nebaj and I show some kids how to do armpit farts. After our cultural exchange we head south the Lake Atitlan and take a 5 day spanish course at the San Pedro Spanish School.

Warning: This episode contains some rather stunning scenery.

Come read Lachlan’s post and sit back, relax, and spend the next 5 minutes watching episode 26 of Planet Kapow:

I also have some pictures and a write up from the time up in the mountains:

Planet Kapow 25 : Finca Ixobel to Semuc Champey

Hanging out on a Guatemalan farm then cruising the Rio Dulce, then relaxing in the natural hot waterfall of El Paraiso to then swimming in the amazing natural water wonderland that is Semuc Champey. And MORE!

Come have a read and watch the ep!

Planet Kapow 24 : Caye Caulker to Tikal

Caye Caulker, Belize. Beautiful glassy water, coconuts, and not much else. This was the perfect place to revive ourselves post Cuba and get ready to hit up the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal over in Guatemala!

Grab your beach towel, a pina colada, and come chill in front of ep 24 of Planet Kapow: