a wedding, a canyon & a mouse named Mickey

I’m back in our hotel Cortona in Anaheim, Los Angeles. It has been a rather long day…

I went to Disneyland with 3 very excited girls – Ang, Bec & Lisa.

I can’t say I am a big Disney fan, and standing in a queue for 30 minutes for a simple 1 minute ride doesn’t excite me either. But… it was a good day! By far the best ride was one in the California Adventure part of Disneyland. The ride is called the Rockin’ California Screamer. I do believe it is the best roller coaster I have ever been on – even better than the Buffalo Bill one jsut outside Las Vegas.

There’s so much to catch up on – let me revisit:

The Buck’s & Hen’s night
The night awesome! We secretly organised a Hummer Limousine to take Bec, Jez & the rest of us up & down the Las vegas strip for 1 hour, whilst we drank Popov vodka with sprite in the back!
Then all the girls were taken to a strip club full of beautiful women! Then us blokes were taken to a strip club full of even more beautiful women! Venus was amazing… 🙂
Then we finished the night off in the club Studio 54.
Now some of us are banned from entering the MGM casino and it’s sister venues!
Yes, a wild night that we will never forget!

The Wedding
Ahhh what a cool day it was! The whole gang was dressed up and looking cool. Bec & Jeremy got hitched (or at least commited) in a tiny chapel called the Garden of Love. It was a refined process – in and out within 3 Elvis songs! Jeremy & Bec have some photos up here or check out their blog.


The Grand Canyon
Wow! I went here with my Dad a few years ago and it was amazing. Guess what? It still is!
Unfortunately the day we left vegas for The grand canyon, Mik had to leave the gang to return to work and film making in London. It was sad for us all! I’ll get some photos up soon of the canyon, and Mik!

Polly McKay & Paris Hilton
After the Grand Canyon we returned to Vegas for a last lunch-supper with Polly before she left for London – to take up a new job and pursue some lovin’. Polly is still pretty 🙂 It was a sad moment for all the travel posse when she left. Reports are that Polly met a Spanish guy named Enrique Smith and danced the night away!
Oh yeah, when we had lunch at the Palm’s on this last dai with Polly, guess who graced us with their presence? Miss Paris Hilton! She ate McDonalds. We ate Pizza. So there you go!

Anaheim & Disneyland
After 8 hours of power driving by Jez & Bec we landed in Anaheim, Los Angeles. Quite a clean looking part of town, and home of Disneyland. I’ll post again – I still have one more day of Disney to come………………

Viva Lost Vages & the quest for strippers


I am sitting in the Palms Hotel on Flamingo Blvd. with a bunch of hot chicks. Unfortunately they are my friends Polly, Lisa & Ang – and don’t want put on as show 🙂

The trip is going great so far and has been a great laugh – it is just like on TV!

We are currently which strip clubs to go to and what night clubs we want to check out.
They do something “bottle service” – $350USD for a table. Bargain? 🙁

We are all here and ready to kick some poker ass. The last member of the UK crew is here Miss Polly McKay. She managed to trooper on through last night and escaped the Jet Lag!
Polly is still pretty and the coolest!

USA-day01: Venice – LA style

Seems I’m off to a good start. Haven’t been shot, called a terrorist or drank Starbucks. Although I did have a fat bastard hamburger at a cafe along Venice Beach.
Weird place – pretty overrated I have to say, but still interesting and lots to look at. Mainly lots of people to look at.
Dudes on rollerblades playing gutiar, musclemen showing off at the outside gyms, lots of shops selling t-shirts, but no CHICKS ON BIKINIS! I don’t know what’s going on there – apparently its because it is really windy. I just hope we get to have a perve sometime!

Last night Lisa & I stayed at the Hostel California (along Lincoln Blvd) – place was great and the people running it were relly cool. Lisa and I got a couple of bottles of red (made in Orange, Australia! Go Liam!) and ended up spending the night talking all things Americana and philisophical to some nice folks Brendan & Monet from Arizona, and a guy called Juan from Paris who was drinking Margarita mix without Tequila – nice dude, but no Tequila?!
The dude from Tuscon, Arizona has a website:

I bought a Holga camera in HK ($500HKD) – so I am going to start pointing it at things today to see what a lot of vignetteing and light bleed can do to Venice Beach.

Lisa & I seem to be getting along well as friends so that’s a relief.
We moved into a new hostel – The Venice Beach Cotel – it’s right on the beach

Venice Beach Cotel

Having a good time so far!

The journey begins…

I Just arrived in Tokyo Narita airport – only an 30 minshour to kill so I am abusing Yahoo!`s free net cafe.

Lisa had planned to meet me but I just missed her by 10 minutes or so!

In case you wondering what the is going on, I am off to Las Vegas for “Zi Wedding” – bec & Jeremy are getting hitched on their way to the UK.

Check out the blaaahhhhgggg