Les Claypool live at the Enmore Theatre


Barely 2 days after arriving in Sydney I found myself standing in awe of the cool sounds of Les Claypool live at the Enmore theatre. Big thanks to Liam for hooking me up with a ticket!

Mr Claypool and his band are on tour with their new album “Of Fungi And Foe

(apologies for the poor audio)

(apologies for the poor audio)

Having wanted to see Primus for so long this was definitely the next best thing. He’s the man and I’d definitely agree in calling him the bext bass player in the world!
As well as all the tracks he played off “Of Fungi And Foe” tracks Les also dropped a couple of great Primus bombs and the crowd loved it.

(apologies for the poor audio)

Sometime back I was commissioned to write soundtrack music for two projects that promised to have quite a bit of very intense and unique imagery. One was for an interactive game about a meteor that hits Earth and brings intelligence to the mushrooms within the crash proximity and the other was about a three thousand pound wild boar that terrorizes the marijuana fields of Northern California. Obviously the makers of the subsequent Mushroom Men game and Pig Hunt film were very aware of my tastes and perspectives because the music oozed from me in such a natural way that I believe it came as much from my pores as it did my mind. This music became the foundation of the songs that fill this collection. With a few added tidbits and a bit of gypsy sauce, I inflict upon you… OF FUNGI AND FOE[3]

MUSIC: “Lumière” – Bob Brozman

I’ve been listening to my hero Bob Brozman’s recent release “Lumière” that I bought on iTunes Music Store.

The album is amazing to listen to, and to look at (well at least the cover u get from ITMS)! Bob is playing all the instruments on the album!

lumiere ablum cover

Lumière is the culmination of guitar virtuoso Bob Brozman’s musical memories formed over a lifetime of travelling and playing music with others. His years of absorbing influences from cultures worldwide is expressed through the establishment of the Bob Brozman Orchestra – a unique concept where Bob intricately plays each instrumental part, building layer upon layer to formulate the tremendous sound of an extensive orchestra. He revisits the influences drawn from previous collaborations with artists such as Debashish Bhattacharya, René Lacaille, Djeli Moussa Diawara and Takashi Hirayasu to reflect on the profound imprint travel has had on his life.

Borrowed from http://bobbrozman.com

On Nut Jam

Last night I went with Salvo, Nicholas & Mon to a rehearsal studio down near On Nut to have a bash around on some instruments. The sounds coming out of their were indeed hardcore, but I pity the poor folks outside to had to listen to us for an hour! I think with some practice we’ll get better!
Pretty good price – about 180baht (about $5USD) for 1 hour including all the gear!

Slammin' SalvoNotorious NickMonster Mon'ardcore Adam 

Marcus Miller – awesome bass solo

When I was in high school I was really into playing bass, and one of my heroes was Marcus Miller. He played the most funky fat slap bass i’d ever heard.
Somehow back then I found a tiny mpg clip of him playing one of my most favourite bass solos – a track called “Scoop”.
Anyway, i found the whole clip on youtube:

Then found him playing it without the band.

Then I found another amazing slap solo of his!:


found another