Syria: Aleppo

Are you Syria?

Umm… Aleppo is awesome.


After Iran I spent a few days in Turkey in the cities of Van & Gaziantep – both great cities and a must see if you head to Turkey. But, Aleppo is awesome.

Yesterday I left Gaziantep and crossed into Syria near a town called Kilis. Was reasonably easy and only took a few hours. From the centre of Gaziantep I took a dolmus to the otogar, then another dolmus to Kilis and then a taxi from Kilis to cross the border. Exiting Turkey took a few minutes.

P1010674_aleppo P1010724_aleppo P1010727_aleppo

To get into Syria I paid $30 (paid in euro & lira) to get a 15 day single entry visa for Syria – the immigration people were friendly but not friendly enough to give me the double entry 1 month visa I was after (plan is to go to Jordan then cross back into Syria and then to Lebanon).








My taxi mate dropped me at the nearest town and put me into a van to get to Aleppo. Less than an hour later I was at the bus station on the outskirts of this wicked city. £60SYP (about €1) and 10 minutes later I was in downtown Aleppo!

What a beautiful city!

I couldn’t get into the highly recommended Tourst Hotel but directly opposite I found a cool placed called the Spring Flower Hostel – got my own tiny room with a shower & toilet for £450SYP (€8) Syrian.

I think I could walk around this city forever.

Today I woke up around 8am and went for a walk around the old city & the souqs, tried to get into the citadel (not open on Tuesdays), and then saw a gigantic mosque in the distance so decided to go check it out.

The mosque ended up being a good score because I was quickly befriended by Milar who’s Dad and colleagues were working on the construction of this Mosque – due to finish within a year. The guys on the construction site were great and let me walk all over it and get some photos of them.

P1010774_aleppo P1010776_aleppo


Stupidly on friday afternoon I upgraded my iPhone 16GB to iPhone software to version 2.0.

Halfway through the upgrade my friend Salvo said “hey isn’t that going to brick your phone?”. I had forgotten that my iPhone was indeed jailbroken/hacked and this was going to mean an end to a very beautiful relationship, but one I would be able to restore and downgrade.

Well how wrong I was! The phone won’t downgrade, instead just shows a cool image of a cable plugging into iTunes. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

unrelated but pretty hilarious:

Telopea Park High School year 10 1997 video!

The epic video Cary & I (with a lot of Dad’s effort) put together way back in 1997 of almost everyone in our school year at Telopea Park High School, Canberra, A.C.T. Australia.


Big thanks to Dad for holding on to the tape!!


If anyone would like a DVD just let me know and I’ll put it in the mail

easy come, easy go


I have lost yet another mobile phone.

On Sunday 30th September my Sony Ericson w700i was announced M.I.A.

This is what happens when ur a pretty drunk and it is 4am. I think that is how i lost my last phone (Nokia 6350 – i think it was)

I think someone at the Y50 bar managed to score themselves a new phone.

So that brings my tally to 3 lost mobile phones in about 4-5 months.

Go me…

Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you should…

or in other words, don’t install the latest software updates as soon as they are available.

Yesterday an update for Mac OSX, version 10.4.10, was released.

We had just installed a new MacPro dual Quad 3.0gHz machine with the AJA Kona LHe card in it here at Finito. It was working fine in 10.4.9 except I was getting the odd machine hang when doing simple things like quiting apps like QuickTime player and iTunes. I thought installing the 10.4.10 update might fix things up. So I downloaded it and those few problems seemed to go away. But…
THE VTR DECK CONTROL NO LONGER WORKED! Which is a bit of a problem when you are trying to conform a commercial!

I am a retard!
(*no offence meant towards mentally challenged people)

iChat & iTunes = caught in the act

Ahh geez my face is still red!

I just returned from a short trip downtown to see a message on my from my mate Alex (Fry) asking me something along the lines of “so what’s that your watching?”.

I had no idea what he was talking about.

Then i realised he was talking about my iChat status – i had it set to the “current iTunes track”.

Unfortunately I’d left the house after just subscribing to the podcast “Sex Tips @ EnterCourse.TV” – i hadn’t even began to watch the episode when I left the house for an hour or so.

So there it sat, my iChat Status, broadcasting out “currently watching “Sex Tips: Episode 007 – “Sexual Fantasies”” to all my iChat buddies (luckily Grandma is on a trip to Europe!)!!!

I couldnt stop laughing, and I knew Alex knew he’d caught me out and that there was nothing I could do or say to show my half innocence!

So let that be a lesson to all. Turn off iChat when watching porn or learning to be a porn star.