FCPXImageExporter – bulk export stills from Final Cut Pro X

Do you need to export a lot of images from your Final Cut Pro timelines but you aren’t so excited about sitting there and manually doing it?

Simply place some markers in your fcpx timeline, export an fcpxml file, and fcpxImageExporter will do the rest!

Export at source resolution, sequence resolution or a custom resolution.

Export formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF

Simple to use:

  1. Drag and drop or select your fcpxml file to the icon in the window.
  2. Drag and drop or select a destination directory for the images to be exported to.
  3. FCPXImageExporter will take you to the directory once the images have been exported.

* Current limitations:
– doesn’t support exporting images from nested/compound clips
– doesn’t support text / filters

Check out Larry Jordan’s review of the original version of fcpxImageExporter!

The original version saw fair amount of activity over at fcp.co.

84 thoughts on “FCPXImageExporter – bulk export stills from Final Cut Pro X”

      1. Got same FCPX and Sierra versions as you do, unfortunately it does not work with xml v1.5 or 1.6 on my side. App shows export complete but no pictures in the folder and no log while processing. I wonder how you managed to get it to work?

        1. I managed to get my exports upon copying my events onto a new project. Hoping this app can get an upgrade for which I would be willing to pay.

    1. Hi Adam, I have been testing version 2.0 (33) and did not have any success. I have tried exporting XML 1.7, 1.6, XML from project as you show in the video, XML from the clips in the event… I do not know if I am doing something wrong, but I am following the same steps you show in the video. The app detects the markers when I imput the XML but when clicking in the Export button, it says “error with file interoretatoin”.

      1. Hi Alex, apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
        Are you working with the beta version or the v2.0.0(45) App Store release?
        Can you let me know what the original format/codec of that particular material is?
        Yes that error is meant to say “error with file interpretation”.
        It would be great if you could email me your fcpxml file and a piece/example of that material in its original format.
        Cheers Alex!

        1. Hi again, I am testing the beta version… I just created a new event with 3 GH4 MOV clips and put a mark on them, once in the timeline and also (just for testing purposes) in the event… the app was able to tell me which clips were with the marker but when pushing “export” button the “error with file interpretation” appears. I could send you the XML and the clips also if you want… but I would need an email.

      2. Unfortunately I got the same “error with file interpretation” error, using the App Store version. Worked fine with 3 markers over GH5 footage, but with more than 120 markers it gives this error.

        1. Hey there!

          Any chance you could send me the fcpxml file you are working with and perhaps a piece of the original media/material that you are using (perhaps via Wetransfer or similar) so I can verify what’s going on.



  1. Bought app sun 3/18/18 – It did not work using V1.7 marked video v 10.4 exported to desktop opened your program dragged xml files to top folder,dragged emtpy folder bottom and clicked export.(make jpeg) comes up done. detestation folder is empty. Bob Please help

  2. Bought on App Store.

    While I doubt you’ll get rich selling this tool, I’m happy to support it and have definitely found it useful.

    The current App Store version is a nice step up, and it worked for me with a FCPX 10.4.1 XML 1.8 export better than the past few versions have.

    1. Eric thank you very much for supporting FCPXImageExporter and for your kind comments. It’s always great to hear from users who are finding it useful! Cheers!

  3. This just doesn’t work. Bought from the app store just now, exported from FCPX 10.4.2 and the app doesn’t read the markers in my xml file at all. Help.

    And, while I’ve got you here, does the current version of your app read the effects (color) done in fcpx yet? If not, this is rather useless to me…

  4. Hi Adam,

    I just purchased your app. Running the latest version of FCPX. The App recognizes all of my markers fine, but when I click export, it finishes lightning fast, but there are no files in the output folder. looking at the log, it shows “error with file interpretation” on all the export items. I’m guessing this has something to do with Apple Pro Res Raw (DJI flavor). Am I right? Any chance you’ll fix this soon? (FWIW…I can’t get Compressor to play nice with the new codec either).

  5. Hi Barry,

    Thank you for purchasing fcpximageexporter and thank you for letting me know about the issue.
    Would you be able to share a piece of your material with me so I can test it out and try to get to the bottom of the issue?



  6. I have a big video project (TRT 2 hours), and I need to pull stills from it every eight seconds– so there are a lot of stills. I just upgraded to version 2.0.11. two days ago. It’s not working 🙁 the Export button is grayed out.
    Come on Adam! We love this App when it works. What can we do to make it more dependable?

  7. Apologies Jeff! It was a rushed release to help out a user who needed to export frames from multi cam clips.
    From my brief testing the app was working normally.
    Unfortunately I won’t be able to investigate until Monday. Apologies!

  8. No dice for me either. I loved the app with FCP 10.3, but have been unable to get it to work using macOS 10.13 and FCP 10.4. Eagerly awaiting a fix! 🙂

  9. Hi Adam,

    I’m also suffering issues with your app store release.
    I am exporting many stills from a 2 hour project, it works fine for the first 500 then your app quits. Time and time again.
    I’ve tried breaking the project into shorter timelines, but the same glitch seems to happen with any length of project, file output, or any other workaround I can think to try.


    1. Hi Emma sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with the app. I’ve just sent you an email.
      To help me find the issue it would be great if you could tell me a bit about your setup.
      What format/codec is the material?
      What version of fcpx are you using?

      Would you be able to share with me sone of your original material (via wetransfer, iCloud, google drive etc…) and an fcpxml file that can reproduce the issue you are having?

  10. I just bought the app. It didn’t work for my purpose.
    My clips were shot anamorphic, and in the timeline, their scale parameters changed ( basically desquezed ). The Apps did not export them as the way they are in the timeline instead exported screenshot of the original files. I hope there is a way to fix it.

    1. Hi Hassan!

      Thanks for letting me know about the issue.
      Did you try selecting the option to export at sequence resolution?
      Would you be able to send me a very small example – a piece of your material in a timeline in the same format you are using?

    1. I’m waiting to see what Apple does in regards to the FCPX Workflow Extensions they announced at the end of last year. It still doesn’t seem to be a public API. I am hoping it allows access to manipulate FCPX in some decent form.

      Another option is to allow a user to export a render from their timeline and then get FCPXImageExporter to reference an FCPXML file and and the render to be able to generate images. It wouldn’t be ideal.

  11. Hey Adam thanks for the app – it’s so useful. 9 times out of 10 working great – but today trying to export from a longer (3 hour) sequence (c100 files re-wrapped in Edit ready) with about 450 markers, and it crashes every time – any suggestions of something I can do to get it working? Thanks! Paul

    1. G’day Paul! Apologies for the issue you are experiencing. Some other users have mentioned similar experiences when exporting hundreds of images.
      I am in the middle of getting an update out so I’ll have a look at that.
      Would you mind to keep an eye on your activity monitor and see if the app ends up eating all your memory?
      Have you been able to export images from the same material?

      As a work around the only thing that comes to mind is to try to export with fewer markers for the moment. Sorry!
      I’ll have an update out soon!
      Thanks again

  12. I’m testing this out after purchasing from the App store. I have a few clips, with about 9 markers on RED Epic Raw footage. When I try to export is gives me an error: “error with file interpretation”

    Any ideas?

  13. Hi Adam,

    Just bought the app, but it crashes every time I choose the FCPXML.
    IOS 10.14.3
    FCPX 10.4.6
    XML 1.7 & 1.8

    Would be very nice to hear from you.

  14. Awesome program, saves me a lot of time! I was wondering if there was a setting or a way for me to export stills that retain any color correction(s) I may have made to the video clip itself, is this possible? Sorry if this question has been asked previously.


    1. Hi John!

      Thanks for letting me know the app is being of some use!

      I had really wished to have this functionality available by now but unfortunately not, sorry!

      My hope was that I would be able to gain access to Apple’s Workflow Extensions in Final Cut Pro X SDK to be able to let fcpx do the processing but not luck so far!

  15. Adam, downloaded the App Store version a month ago and couldn’t get it to work. Sorry, I forgot the error. I recently deleted it thinking that if I reinstalled it would work. However, when tried to re-download from App Store but it keeps getting hung up..no download. Please advise

      1. Adam, apparently something was going on with my account on the download. However, I’m still getting the same error – “ERROR WITH FILE INTERPRETATION.” Note the original video file is UHD XAVC.

  16. After purchasing from the App store. I have a few clips, with 3 markers taken on GH5 1920X1080, 59.94p 422/10 bit/LongGOP at 100Mbs LPCM footage. When I try to export is gives me an error: “error with file interpretation”
    Can you help me please ?

  17. I love the app and it works flawlessly very time. Is there a way of exporting the EXIF information? I’m especially interesting in keeping the content created date.

  18. What a great app! Thank you for this. It has made getting my images from a recent vacation from video so convenient. I was wondering the same about bringing the content created date across from the original video? That would be useful if it’s at all possible. Even if I can’t though, the app is wonderful. Thanks.

    1. I also use this great tool to export stills from my GoPro videos. And I would also appreciate much if date and time would be taken from the original files. There’s even GPS info available in the original files. Cheers

      1. Hi guys! Apologies for taking almost a year to get back to you ?.
        I’ll hopefully have a new version out soon that will allow you to export images and include the original files metadata. Starting first with date and geo location

  19. Hi, I just bought your tool and tried it out! It works but i cant seem to include the color grade it comes with it just comes out flat again. Hoping to get a feedback on how to go about this. Thanks

  20. Thank you so much! This plugin is exactly what I needed. It’s worth at least double what I paid for it. I’ve been scanning my dad’s super 8mm films into FCPX and marking key frames to export as thumbnails. This plugin works perfectly and saves me so much time.

  21. Hi, thanks for creating a very useful program. I’ve been using it for several years. Just in the last couple of weeks, a problem has come up that I can’t find a fix for.

    FCPXImageExporter only exports some of the images. In the program window, it looks like it’s exporting all of them, but only some of them show up in the export folder.

    I’m using a IMAC Late 2013 Catalina 10.5.6, 3.5 GHz Quad Core Intel Core I7, FCP X 10.4.8 and FXPXporter 2.4.1.

    It was working fine with this computer and this FCP X and the previous release of FCPXImageExporter, but then started having the issue with that same previous FCPXImageExporter upgrade. I upgraded to the latest FCPXImageExporter, and it’s still only exporting some of the images.

  22. My project has 11 markers, but when I export XML and load into your app, it lists hundreds (738?) of images. Most are exported as a duplicate with an underscore (Marker 14_2.tiff).

    What am I doing wrong here? Thanks for any help…

  23. FCPXIMAGEEXPORTER doesnt work with xml 1.8 or 1.9 on my computer. MacOS Big Sur v. 11.0.1, imac 27 inch 2020. Please issue a refund.

      1. Hi AJ & Steve,

        Thanks for getting in touch about the app.

        What seems to be the issue?

        If you can send me a simple project with some of the material that you are using that can reproduce the problem I would be more than happy to take a look at it and do my best to get it working for you.

        Let me know if you are interested.



  24. Hi! I’ve been using this app a few years and it was perfect for my workflow. In last few weeks it started to export glitchy images … All of my settings are the same as before, I can’t find the problem…

    1. Hi Ziga,

      Thanks for getting in touch about the app.

      If you can send me a simple project with some of the material that you are using that can reproduce the problem I would be more than happy to take a look at it and do my best to get it working for you.

      Let me know if you are interested.



  25. I just purchased the app, and it doesn’t work with my project. I have generators, multicam, titles, etc.

    FCP X – 10.5.4
    Mac OS – 11.5.2

    Thank you for any advice! I have used several different XML settings, to no avail.

  26. Well, this is a bust. 47 Markers. Export xml file – Image exporter reports…

    Status: 0 ,markers were found in the fcpxml file. Nothing to export.

    When I open the xml as text, I find loads of lines like these:

    FCP 10.5.4 on Big Sur

    1. Seems the comments clipped the xml

      Imagine Angle brackets around this:
      marker start=”7007/500s” duration=”1001/24000s” value=”Marker 2″/

  27. Hi, I saw in the changelog the compound clip are now supported. I’m trying to export stills from videos with an adjustment layer on top (for the lut), all inside a compound clip with markers. When I try to import the file, the app crashes. Is there any way to export with lut?

    Thank you

  28. Hi Adam,

    I love your program. It works great. However when I export 8k video from fcp x using your program the image is very blocky when viewed at 100%. It is the correct resolution when exported, but the image is very compressed. Any of the output file format modes give exactly the same amount of blockiness. Is there anything I can do to improve this? The stills exported using fcp doing export still don’t have any of this blocky look. At this point I have to go through 1 by 1 using fcp x. I would love to use your program again! Any thoughts or ideas would be great!

  29. Hi, I’ve bought the app and really wanted it to work as described but when i export the photos i get the “error with file interoretatoin” issue for some of the photos and all of them comes really blurry like it takes the proxy version of the videos and its really disappointing..
    I will appreciate your help fixing this issue or refunding me.

  30. Hello Adam Teale,

    I have purchased fcpxImageExporter.

    I have some vital Feature Request fcpxImageExporter. I would appreciate if you could get in touch with me via email.

    Thank you.

  31. Just bought the app and I’m disappointed that it can’t seem to apply the LUT while exporting. The resulting LOG images aren’t useful to me.

    1. I had the same problem when using this fairly bare bones app – my workaround was to batch process the LOG framegrabs in Photoshop, apply the LUT there as a last step (also unified the resolution and cropped for aspect ratio if needed).

  32. Hi !
    Seems like the exporter does not work with FS5 rushes, should I transcode them or not.
    I’m running FCPX 10.6 on an M1 Mac Mini. The exporter did just fine with some A7s3 rushes of the same project.

    Can you help me out with this please ?

    Thanks !

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