Aoth – the famous model from Laos

The other day I met Aoth, the famous model from Laos who studied in Texas and is the daughter of the president of Laos (Nick says anyway 🙂 ), and also happens to be a very nice girl whose english is better than Nicholas’s 🙂 . Aoth are you really the President’s daughter?

me, Nick, Aoth, Mono

Mono, Nick, Aoth, Jeab & I went to a cool bar down near MBK/Siam – buried down the back of a few sois. It was a great afternoon. The only issue was that I had to get up at 5am the next day to go to Nakhon Nayok (will have the post up next)!
Aoth it was great to meet you! Have fun in Bangkok!

Aoth & Nick Me & Aoth Mono & Aoth

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