Yunnan – little clip

I am waiting on a outline/script from the GreenField Foundation, so i chopped together some of the footage and used some of the music we recorded out on the field (actually it was in a hut, i just though that sounded cool)

(Click image to play movie)

Unfortunately there is a few shots i went handheld with – but, thanks to Shake, I will be able to smooth them out in the final online. Sneaky 😉

2 thoughts on “Yunnan – little clip”

  1. Hey, who’s that tall guy there in the middle of the photograph in the end? 😀

    Nice movie Adam! Did you place the shots in chronological order or more in a way that suited the best with the background music?

  2. Awesome backing track, very lively. Lovely little montage dude. The optics on that camera were nice, there was even some shallow depth of field on some shots.

    I couldn’t help but notice some brown leather shoes half way through the clip, I think I have the exact same pair. What are the chances of that occuring in this mass produced market?! Apparently highly likely.

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