“You haven’t had a good night until you’ve had a Mennonite”

Yesterday (Sunday) I made a bit of an effort to see some of bangkok.
I headed for the Chao Phraya river that cuts and winds its way through Bangkok, pocket HD camera ready to capture it all!


On the way I met 2 cool Mennonite girls, MaryLyn and Amanda, from Canada who are over here in Bangkok teaching at a school they say is full of rich little Thai kids. They both seemed to be really having a good time over here. So I befriended these girls and we hopped on the tourist boat. 100 baht for all day river action.


Pretty cool but unfortunately my pocketHD camera ran out of batteries just as I got on the boat. Fark! Good excuse to checkout the river again I guess.


We made one stop at Pier 5 to check out Chinatown and a huge swing, that didn’t have a swing (pulled down because it was thought to be dangerous), and stopped for a bite to eat at Siam Paragon centre. I asked them if they were religious and they said yes, and explained a bit about the world of Mennonite. The joke was “You haven’t had a good night until you’ve had a Mennonite”! 🙂 I thought it was some type of rock.


more photos…

3 thoughts on ““You haven’t had a good night until you’ve had a Mennonite””

  1. Yeah man, Canadians rock, very friendly people. They hate the fact that they’re always mistaken for Americans, of which I regrettably am guilty of doing to some at least once or twice.

    Mennonite culture seems very interesting. I dig the whole part how the church broke off from others and believed people shouldn’t be born into the religion, rather that they should be able to choose to believe when presented with it at an older age. Well, that’s what the wiki said.

  2. As much as i can recall, the Mennonites are the ones who choose not to defend themselves physically when being attacked. They usually live out on farms and such to avoid any confrontation. These girls, if they follow their faith strictly; must be fairly brave to go out and travel in foriegn contries… you could have beaten them up or worse – not that you would – and they would have been powerless to resist… it’s a funny thing, religion.

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