vrod on thonglo

sunday i went for a bit of a roam around looking for something to snap. I walked past a harley davidson vrod (i think it is), there was so much chrome i had to take a quick snap with my Canon G9. It is amazing how much info u get with RAW – i have so much to learn!.. I am waiting to pickup some sort of flash (hopefully remote) to really get into photopraphy action again. The Strobist flickr pool is giving me a lot of inspiration
IMG_0291 vrod on thonglo

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  1. That bike lokks very cool. I think the pattern of Harley can inspire u, because every Harley are different. I meet many friends on a siite called bikerkiss. We usually talk about Harley. I think if u joinus, u will find more material to get into photopraphy action.

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