video: Canon 550D with Canon f/1.8 50mm test

Watch as I try to find focus with the 50mm f1.8 lens I bought yesterday for my new Canon 550D.

The video features some cool cats.

It was all shot at 1920×1080 25p, ingested as Apple Pro Res LT via FCP and the Canon EOS plugin.
I bought the upgrade to Magic Bullet Colorista II as well a few days ago so I used it to push some colours around in this clip.

2 thoughts on “video: Canon 550D with Canon f/1.8 50mm test”

    1. Thanks a lot Thierry! It’s just a bit too telephoto but I can’t complain as it was only $100!

      How is the land of Belgium??

      We head off in 5 days!

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