USA trip 2007 video

I finally got a clip cut from the stuff I shot in the states.
It’s about 30 mins long.

High resolution version

I uploaded it to this kickass video sharing site called These guys let you upload up to 500MB!
The really cool thing also is that you can TAG the video and COMMENT the video IN THE VIDEO! (At points in the timeline of the movie).
Upload stuff yourself and check it out!

Hopefully it’s ok! If you check it out please make some comments

edited in the new FCPS2 too!

4 thoughts on “USA trip 2007 video”

  1. Great job Adam! It was like I was along for the ride. I’m glad I was able to meet ya’ll while in SF. Best of luck to Jeremy and Bec, you guys are awesome… Fuck yeah!

  2. Becca – hey no worries, i’ll get my face in front of a camera in bangkok!
    How’s the last weeks of your trip treating you guys?

    Chris Crowell, fuck yeah!
    great to hear from you mate! Thanks for meeting up in SF, it was awesome to see you.
    What you upto now?
    Where’s that blog?

  3. Hee-oly shit! I missed the odyssey! Here’s wishing I had more time off work and could have stayed a lot longer…

    I did dream about the Red camera on the plane flying back. Didn’t get a boner though…maybe a bit of a semi-on.

    Too much info?

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