USA-day01: Venice – LA style

Seems I’m off to a good start. Haven’t been shot, called a terrorist or drank Starbucks. Although I did have a fat bastard hamburger at a cafe along Venice Beach.
Weird place – pretty overrated I have to say, but still interesting and lots to look at. Mainly lots of people to look at.
Dudes on rollerblades playing gutiar, musclemen showing off at the outside gyms, lots of shops selling t-shirts, but no CHICKS ON BIKINIS! I don’t know what’s going on there – apparently its because it is really windy. I just hope we get to have a perve sometime!

Last night Lisa & I stayed at the Hostel California (along Lincoln Blvd) – place was great and the people running it were relly cool. Lisa and I got a couple of bottles of red (made in Orange, Australia! Go Liam!) and ended up spending the night talking all things Americana and philisophical to some nice folks Brendan & Monet from Arizona, and a guy called Juan from Paris who was drinking Margarita mix without Tequila – nice dude, but no Tequila?!
The dude from Tuscon, Arizona has a website:

I bought a Holga camera in HK ($500HKD) – so I am going to start pointing it at things today to see what a lot of vignetteing and light bleed can do to Venice Beach.

Lisa & I seem to be getting along well as friends so that’s a relief.
We moved into a new hostel – The Venice Beach Cotel – it’s right on the beach

Venice Beach Cotel

Having a good time so far!

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