Twin peaks, Muir Woods, Inn-n-out burger & Chris Crowell

Yesterday was full of coolness.

After a quick look at the street where “Full House” was meant to be set, we headed up to Twin Peaks and had a bit of a look – unfortunately it was really foggy & freezing!

Next we crossed the Golden Gate bridge to check out Muir woods – home to some massive Redwood trees – some over 140ft high!

muir woods

Afterwards we headed back to Fisherman’s wharf to finally get a taste of … Inn-n-out burger!!!
Wow! Tasty burgers! We all got a double burger – even Lisa who is meant to be a vegetarian!! THat’s how amazing they were.

inn n out burger

double burgers

We cruised back to our hotel and then I got a call from Chris Crowell – top fella who I worked with on 300 back in Animal Logic last year. He was returning from LA and after 8 hours of driving needed a Popov! We told Chris about our visit to Inn-n-out burger and he asked if we asked about the “Secret Menu”. Secret menu? Well it turns out the place offers more than the 3 things on the menu. Check it out

chris crowell

Then to top off the night we went to see “Blades of Glory

2 thoughts on “Twin peaks, Muir Woods, Inn-n-out burger & Chris Crowell”

  1. Aw man, that stuff from that Double Burger joint looks greasier than the Greasy Spoon back at uni (aka ‘The Greasy Mofo’ ala Ash Burton)

    I’ll have one coronary bypass please.

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