Travel Time – Thailand and beyond

“Pom bpen nug sum ruaj” – “I am an explorer”

Well that’s at least what I will tell Thai folks when I leave Bangkok in abut 6 hours 🙂

So I’m hitting the road, with a rough direction, and with 2 great mates Erin & Lachlan.

First stop is east to ‘bpai do’ (have a look) Koh Chang and some of the islands around it. Then we’re off to Cambodia and going to head north. Then hopefully cross back into Thailand to check out Isan province, and then onto northern Thailand. Laos is the plan after that, then into China, cross to Nepal, and then hopefully Tibet (depending if our visas will get us there and the weather permitting).

We are going to  be keeping a blog of our travels, along with some regular video action – hopefully with a cool opening title sequence that Lachy has been brainstorming.


So, here we go ….


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