The Great Bangkok Sapphire Scam of October

Trying to get people together to throw some ideas around and finally get something happening for the summer. I’m thinking that I might make an effort to get down to Fall’s Festival over New Year’s but nothing concrete yet.

Also, I’d really like to get happening and get people’s work up there and really get some sort of “artist’s” cooperative type thang. Get some 3D going and finally get around to getting some of the little ideas i’ve had into action.

I didn’t mention in my group emails on my trip about what i have named “the BSS” (Bangkok Sapphire Scam) . Basically I got scammed into buying a sapphire ring for about $1500 AUD. Stupid I know. But we were promised by an American guy – Brad Hamilton from Silicon Valley – that we would be able to sell it in New York for about 3 times the price. He claimed that he’s been doing it for the past 4 years and it pays for his holiday every trip. Anyway it was a load of crap. It’s worth about 1/3 of what I paid for it. Be careful ignorant traveller’s out there like me.

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