Typing on a terrible pc in a inet cafe on a “ADSL” connection – so damn slow! – any typos i’m blaiming the keyboard)
hey everyone!
just a quick hello to let who ever is concerned know what i’m upto!
The travel story so far…
LIsa and I flew outof sydney on the 20th anda landed in Bangkok at about 11pm that night. we caughta taxi into the city to our hotel “The Elegance Suite”. Forgot to menuiton that we saw an amazing lighting storm on the flightr over – one of the most coolest things i have ever seen!
On the way there our taxi ran out of LPG, so we got to see some of the “real” life the city – a petrol station.
Got up the next day and went for a swim on the pool on the roof. Cool view of the city (pretty damn smoggy though).
Got a taxi to the railway station with the intention of gettinga train up tho Chang Mai – but all trains were full and buses too. Instead made a decision to go to Koh Samui – no idea what to expect except beach and cocktails ! that came true!
(Still in bangkok) got a taxi to the golden palace but got off at the wrong stop, and met a teacher from a local school who told us that it was Budha’s birthday, and that all Tuk Tuk (motorbike with a roof and seats in the back) travel was paid for by the government that day – the tuk tuk drivers had to pick up gas stamps at the place3s they took people on that day. SO we checked out a few temples and a jewelary store, and a tailor – not that rivetting, but burning aropund in a tuk tuk is pretty awesome fun.
Got out to the airport and flew to Koh Samui. The whole airport in koh samui is open air (no walls) – very tropical and cool.
Lots of fat foreign bastards here (FFBs i call them), and i just  realised i am one of them!!!
SOme aussie wankers arrived at our place last night – arrogant drunk bastards! embarrasing
Went on a flying fox through jungle canopy the other day – yes we are quite adventurous – the best part was sitting in the back of the truck there – caining down the road (exagerated 100 km/h!). very cool
Lisa and i have spent most nights laying on beach charis or low tables and drinking happy hour cocktails – about $2-$3 each. Had lobster the other night – very tasty. All wonderful candlelit experiences! TOTALLY AMAZING.
Lots of poor people and little kids hawking fruits and jewelarry on the beach and streets.
Gonna catch a elephant ride and go kayaking on the ocean tomorrow – might go geta body massage again and suck on a Pina Colada!
Gotta enjoy thsi heat because we are off to prague in a few days
Lot of luvin’! AT

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