Thailand Vietnam October 2009

What a big 2 weeks!


About 2 months ago Alex proposed a great idea. A trip to Thailand. Then Hugh suggested we go to Vietnam. Using all our genius we were able to work out a way to spend a week in Krabi province in Thailand, and then a week getting as much out of Vietnam as possible.

So 2 weeks ago here the five of us were all sitting in a cafe in Phra Atit (near Khaosan Road) in Bangkok, feeling pretty pumped for a grand old time. Awesome when things work out!

Railay & Koh Phi Phi were the places we spent out time in Krabi. In Vietnam we visited Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, Hua An and Ho Chi Minh city.

Vietnam is a great place. Most of the folks we met were kind and seemed slightly interested in talking to some foreigners. Also Vietnam is fantastically affordable. A beer could cost as little as 2000 dong! ($0.10 – $0.15 USD). You can get into a nice hotel for about $5USD. No need to slum it in Vietnam!

I liked Hanoi. Thousands of scooters zipping by down some little streets, heavy chinese influence, tasty food, an old prison with lots of history, a lake with a Turtle god in it. What else could you want?

I’d definitely recommend a trip up to Sapa and spend a few nights there. We could only fit in one night but it made for 2 days walking around the hills and being shuffled through the Mhong villages in the area.

Hua An is UNESCO heritage listed, and in my experience that means it is definitely worth a visit. Vintage town on a river – that flooded in the last few days we were there. Hua An also has a big name for the amount of tailors there. Need a suit? Need a coat? Need some shoes?

Liam and I ended up being the last of us in Vietnam. We spent a night in Ho Chi Minh city – also a great city with that same vibe as Hanoi but a lot bigger and … developed? We were both pretty knackered after the big 2 weeks so didn’t make much of an effort to explore. Next time for sure.

Now it’s time to get back to that thing some people call “reality” and look for a job. Blerg.

I have a ton of pictures, heaps in 1:1 aspect, so flickr is going to cop it today. 🙂

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