Thai language action

Here is a list of Thai words I have tried to learn since being in Bangkok. More to come….

The Thai words are spelt using adametics 🙂

// – up
\\- down

The coolest/most useful sentence I have learnt so far:
Pa-sah-thai a ni a lie – “In thai, what is this?”

pom – me
kuhn – you
laoo – us
pok laoo – them

pooying – woman
poochai – man
dek pooying / ying – young girl
dek poochai / chai – you boy

gao\\ – glass cup
koowahn – bottle

bahn – home
bye – to go
pom bye bahn – i go home

“pom bye bahn” – i go home
“pom bye bahn kuhn” – i go to your house

Rayoo muk muk. – very hungry.

ATM yiu// nai? – where is an atm?

Kuhn hiu\\ my? – are you hungry?

Rhohn – hot

ta lok – funny

Koah// – give
pom koah// beer song koowahn – give me 2 beers please

Pom my me dung – i don’t have money
Pom yuk die – i want to

Jum my die – i can’t remember
Farang yuhr ma – many foreigners

Pom yuk – i would like
Pom my ya – I don’t to

Pom ao – i want
Pom my ao – i don’t want

my kow jai – i don’t understand
Jsing law? – really?

A ni tao rye? – how much is this?
A nohn tao rye? – how much is that?

Pang my// – too expensive

Sep e lee – very delicious

Nit noy – a little bit

Arroy dee – very tasty drink

Sabai – relaxed, comfortable

Liu Liu – fast fast

A ni a rai? What is this?
A ni tao rye? How much is this?
A ni you nai? Where is this?
Mer rai? When?

Hey Pooah(k)! Buy nye gun? – hey friends, where are you going?
(apparently very funny/cheesy to say, especially from a Farang!)

Soot yot – super cool
Jieng hear hear – fucking cool

Sai – left
Kwah – right
Yooht – stops
Drrong bye – straight ahead

Ba me moo dang – bbq pork with noodles. With soup add “hahm”. Dry “nahm”.

Yuck yai lye yuck lek

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