Iran: Shiraz


From Yazd Yolly, Tobi & myself made our way with bags of Cheetos to Shiraz – “known as the city of poets, flowers and wine”. Well I didn’t get to appreciate any of the poetry, not sure if I saw any flowers, no fine wine, but did manage to drink REAL BEER! Normally i wouldn’t blog about drinking beer, but hey, we were naughty and i think it’s worth mentioning.

P1010261_shiraz_manager P1010262_shiraz_mrali

The next day we burned out to Persepolis, paying $30 for the taxi for 5 hours – probably way too much but Yolly was in a hurry to make the night bus to Tehran so didn’t mess around.
Persepolis was amazing, perhaps not as jaw-dropping as Ephesus (Selcuk, Turkey), but still great to see – set in a valley, the place that Xerxes hung out in and Alexander burned to the ground.

P1010265_shiraz_yinyang P1010290_shiraz_persepolis P1010295_shiraz_meyolly P1010296_shiraz_persepolis P1010298_shiraz_persepolis P1010320_shiraz_persepolis P1010339_shiraz_persepolis_YollyTobi P1010343_shiraz_persepolis P1010347_shiraz_persepolis

Just down the road from Persepolis is Naqshi-Rustam – the tombs of Darius I, Darius II, Xerxes & Artaxerxes and some others i can’t remember.

P1010391_shiraz_NaqshIRustam P1010394_shiraz_NaqshIRustam P1010397_shiraz_NaqshIRustam

The next few days just hung out in Shiraz, ate hamburgers, and drank pretend beer.