video: Dude, where’s my Jakkayarn?

I have managed to cut down the material from the bike ride Nicholas and I did from Bangkok to Singapore.

When I can get to some great bandwidth I’ll upload the HD version.

On July 12th 2009 Nicholas Ward and Adam Teale left Bangkok Thailand and rode their bicycles south through Thailand and Malaysia, and after 2100km and nearly a month of riding, made it to Singapore

Here it is via Vimeo:

Dude, where’s my Jakkayarn? from Adam Teale on Vimeo.

Download the 854×480 h264 version

Day 19: Teluk Intan to Kuala Selangor

Another flat! This time Nicholas.
P1060516_20090730.jpg We spent most of today riding the highway through palm trees. Fields and fields of palm trees that spread into infinity, and then the occasional oil mill.
P1060517_20090730.jpg Kuala Selangor is quite cool though. It is close to the sea and i think is connected to it by a river?
P1060520_20090730.jpg You can come here to go on a tour to see the fireflies. We had Chinese for dinner instead.

Total KM: 100km

Day 18: Tanah Rata to Teluk Intan

After a day of hanging out in Tanah Rata in the Cameron Highlands we decided to hit the road and pass on all the tours to see the flowers.

P1060468_20090729.jpg P1060439_20090729.jpg P1060450_20090729.jpg P1060452-Edit_20090729.jpg P1060457_20090729.jpg
The ride DOWN has been one of the highlights of this trip. The temperature was nice and cool for most of the decent and the fresh smell from the jungle and farms was refreshing – from all the palm tree plantations we’ve been seeing so far.
We rolled for nearly 2 hours down to Tapah – definitely pay back for the big slog up hill 2 days before.
P1060468_20090729.jpg P1060470_20090729.jpg P1060472_20090729.jpg P1060475_20090729.jpg P1060482_20090729.jpg P1060484_20090729.jpg P1060487_20090729.jpg P1060492_20090729.jpg From Tapah we battled the heat for a few hours and eventually stopped in for the night at a town called Teluk Intan – famous for it’s 100 year old leaning tower and not much else. Kok Min Hotel – 25RM fan room.
P1060503_20090729.jpg P1060506_20090729.jpg P1060508_20090729.jpg P1060510_20090729.jpg P1060511_20090729.jpg P1060515_20090729.jpg Total KM: 99km (let’s just round that one up.) 100km