Day 22: Kuala Lumpur to Blue Lagoon (Tanjung Tanah Merah)

Leaving KL was like lost in a maze. So we just head south. We must did 5 Uturns that morning. But eventually we got to the suburbs at about dawn. Saw some Chinese folks doing Tai-Chi.




stop and have some breakfast at a Indian restaurant. Asking for directions. I realise that we it,s not so far away to Singapore(400 km or so).


A lot less traffic when we were out of KL. And the weather was just right.




An Ocean of Palm tree Plantation. Hill over hill over hill… It was terrible. It was hot as hell. The smell was awful. Imagine that all these hills use to be forest with an eco-system. Nothing but the palm trees that these guys(below) planted. So I wonder if these palm trees could survive if there’s no one to take care of them? Anyway we tried to escape it asap. Eventually as we got closer to the coast the forest came back again giving an idea what this place use to be.



Port Dickson, Teluk-pantai touristy place for the Malaysian.


We tried to find a hotel. Kept asking and kept going. Until there was no hotels left. So we had to go back a few km.

Total KM: 102km