Syria: Qala’at Samaan, Serjilla & Al Bara

I am really enjoying Syria so far. Just had 2 busy days checking out the countryside north and south of Aleppo (a.k.a Halab)


Last night I met Anobel – a cool Doctor to be from San Francisco. Anobel is in Syria for 6 weeks as part of his Medical Studies – he is working with Iraqi refugees who are living in Damascus and a town out in the east of Syria. As part of his project here in Syria he is taking great photos and will be presenting them when he’s back in San Fran. Check out his blog to see more of his great work.

P1010797_qalat_at_samaan_truck P1010810_qalat_at_samaan P1010823_qalat_at_samaan_sheperd P1010829_qalat_at_samaan_horseman_v002 P1010830_qalat_at_samaan_donkeyman

I joined Anobel for a trip about 45 minutes north of Aleppo to a place called Qala’at Samaan, a.k.a Basilica of St Simeon, where apparently in AD 423 a crazy christian guy, by the name of Simeon, sat himself on top of a bunch of pillars for 30+ years. Crazy people. The site is impressive – it all seems fairly intact considering its age. The octagonal yard surrounded by giant arches is pretty cool. Worth the short excursion if you are in Aleppo. We got around to the sites with lifts from passers by so it was super cheap 🙂

P1010834_qalat_at_samaan P1010837_qalat_at_samaan P1010860_qalat_at_samaan P1010875_qalat_at_samaan P1010910_qalat_at_samaan P1010915_qalat_at_samaan

Back in Aleppo we tried to get into the Citadel buy unfortunately missed it again (shuts at 4pm) so wandered around and checked out more of the Souqs and had a look in the Christian area and spent a few hours puffing on sheesha/qalyan.

P1010663_aleppo P1020004_aleppo_panorama P1010988_aleppo P1020037_aleppo P1020049_aleppo P1020013_aleppo P1020051_aleppo P1020052_aleppo

The next day we headed south to the ruins of Serjilla & Al Bara once again hitchhiking our way there. Both sites are incredible but I think I enjoyed Serjilla more – maybe it was easier to walk over and take in the size of what is there. Al Bara us HUGE but is covered by Olive trees and farmland so is a little hard to take in what is there besides the Pyramid-type roofs on some buildings and just the size of the place.

P1020073_serjilla P1020083_serjilla_portrait P1020087_serjilla P1020118_serjilla P1020111_serjilla P1020102_serjilla P1020128_serjilla P1020148_serjilla

It seems there are so many ancient ruins littered all over the countryside. Between the sites documented in the Lonely Planet book are other ruins in the paddocks and yards of what looked to be peoples’ backyards and some people live in them.

P1020157_serjilla_sheperd P1020159_serjilla_sheperd P1020161_serjilla_sheperds

Along the road we saw a guy walking out of a paddock holding what looked like a dead lamb – all covered in blood. When he reached the road he put the lamb on the ground and it started to walk around and then we realised it had just been born!
P1020154_serjilla_newborn P1020172_sergilla_sheperd

I am sure that without the linguistic skills of Anobel I would have had a fair bit of difficulty making it to these places. Seeing Anobel speak Arabic (he said he took some lessons back in San Fran) has convinced me to get some lessons myself when I get to Damascus!

P1020219_al_bara P1020201_al_bara P1020191_al_bara

2 terrific days! What a great start to the adventures in Syria!