Syria: Al Hasakah – Assyrian New Year & Machine Gun Man

After Dier Ez-Zur Anobel and I caught a bus to Hasakah, a town in north eastern Syria 50kms or so from the Iraq border.

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Why? To spend a few days exploring the Assyrian villages around Hasaka and experience all that is the Assyrian new year.

As our minibus got closer to Hasaka we were stopped a few times for ID/Passport checks. I hadn’t had a mid journey ID check in Syria so I guess it ust have had something to do with being close to Iraq.

This time we stopped at a checkpoint and our passports were given to a beedy-eyed fellow with a mounted machine gun in the back of his ute.
We got our passports back and the bus continued on its way only this time were were being followed, by the Machine Gun Man!

We arrived in Hasaka a little while later and were picked up by George, an assyrian mate of Anobel’s. A minute after getting into George’s car we were stopped by Machine Gun Man and poor George copped an interrogation. Why were these foreigners here, what were they doing, how do you know them, where are they from??? etc….

Anyway, for the rest of our time in Hasaka Mr MGM followed us around like a bad smell.


Anobel has a funny write up of our experience with MGM.

The trips out to the villages were interesting and the people were super friendly. Everyone had an interesting story of how they came to be there, many came after the massacre of Simele and farmed land outside Hasaka.

syria_Hasaka_06 syria_Hasaka_05 syria_Hasaka_03 syria_Hasaka_09 syria_Hasaka_10 syria_Hasaka_12 syria_Hasaka_13 syria_Hasaka_14 syria_Hasaka_15 syria_Hasaka_08 syria_Hasaka_11 syria_Hasaka_16 syria_Hasaka_24 syria_Hasaka_20 syria_Hasaka_23

The Assyrian new year was a great day spent out in the hills bout 25km from Hasaka. A bit of drinking (Arak), lots of food and the longest chain of people holding hands and dancing ๐Ÿ™‚
syria_Hasaka_33 syria_Hasaka_29 syria_Hasaka_27 syria_Hasaka_30 syria_Hasaka_37 syria_Hasaka_49 syria_Hasaka_54 syria_Hasaka_47 syria_Hasaka_38 syria_Hasaka_48

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