Sweet sweet melbourne

damn it has been ages since I have posted an entry!
I am now living in Melbourne working on a TV series (doing mainly editing) that will air on SBS sometime later this year I thnk.
Lisa & I are trying to get some music video work to do on the side & keep the creative juices flowing.
Some friends of mine from Sydney (Nic V & Tracey C) came down on the weekend – great to see them both! As we were getting a bit drunk we came up with a concept for a short film involving a tumbleweed.

*Somethings from the past few weeks
Hugh came to visit Lisa & I in melbourne a few weeks ago – he bought us a coffee table!
Nic V came here about 2 weeks ago – he bought us a TV/VCR unit table thingo
I got artist of the day on Noise.net!
In my quest to understand religion more I have been finding myself on google a lot

I might go see Tim Rogers & the Temperance Union this sat night at the Corner Hotel is Richmond. Also Alvin Youngblood Heart is playing there too in a few weeks.

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