Single man, Sushi and a sad Smalls…

All good things come to an end.
I am now a single dude again – but i’ll save that for another entry 🙂


The girl I call Smalls wouldn’t give in to our urges for her to stay in the US another week or two. 🙁

So we all went out for Sushi in San Francisco. Lisa had been dying to have it for weeks – we were both meant to be flying back via Japan and staying there 2 nights but I decided to stay over in the US with Bec & Jez another 2 weeks because it is such a cool trip!

At 5.30am on May 1st 2007, Lisa “Smalls” Downs was pronounced “departed for Sydney via Tokyo via LA via San Fran”.

Babe it is really weird not having someone to share the back seat in the Matrix-mobile!
I hope you have a great time in Melbourne and with your new/old dude!


4 thoughts on “Single man, Sushi and a sad Smalls…”

  1. hey dude! thanks for your post. I’m doing allright, just have to learn to “Let go” and move on. It’s funny, when you start to think life makes some sense it gives you a big Chuck Norris Roundhouse!

    I figured it would help by staying in the US with jez & Bec – seems to be good so far! These guys are awesome!
    How’s Taiwan?!!

  2. Yeah having heaps of fun, meeting so many nice people here, locals and other travellers like myself, from all over Malaysia, Singapore etc. Today I went out to sea and saw some small whales, or dolphins, either way, it was cool. Now going to see a big gorge. Should probably blog all this but now I’m only using film. Heaps of photo ops too, just hope I don’t bodge the development.

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