Sunshine – sci fi movie

A little while back i posted (i think) about a movie by director Danny Boyle called “Sunshine”. It looked to be a promising sci-fi free of the usual hollyood shite.


It is!!!!!!

Last night I went and saw it with Derek and Bessie down in Causeway Bay.
The movie is stunning to look at. The size of the sun and its immense brightness and heat come across very clearly.
I thought the concepts were thought out enough to be believable.
Storywise – well teh guys are off to save the world by creating a star within the sun to reignite it. That’s a big one but I believed it.
And, the usual hollywood shite has some romantic fucking scene in some part of the space station. Well folks this is free of that too! Although Rose Byrne (who is awesome) seems to have some feelings for the main character played by Cillian Murphy (28days later etc..).


It ain’t your typical hollywood ending!

Trailer –

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